Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Skateboarding Mama!

My mother who will be 74-years old next week sent me this email a couple of days ago about her trip to see my brother, his wife and their kids Texas. The email was intended just for me, but I requested permission to share it. Keep in mind we all compare my mother to Lucille Ball.

Here is her story:  

"The day I arrived in El Paso the kids wanted me to go out and watch them skate board.... (well it's your fault, I see picts of your little children doing it so I think.... I'd like to try that... if Rachel's little kids can, surely I can…) 

I can ice skate, roller skate, etc.  I won't do any trick or anything like that... I'll just cruise down the street like they are doing.  So Lauren gives me a skate board!!!  I put one foot on it and as I lift the other, zoom! The thing zooms out from under me and leaves me crashing on the pavement.

I yelped, 'Oh no! my beautiful hip, my beautiful hip!!'  (Not that it was beautiful to look at but it was working beautifully.) 

The children laughed and picked me up.  I was hurt so badly.  

Lauren [her granddaughter] went in and told Bonnie, 'Nanny fell off the skateboard!' 

Bonnie:  'Is she hurt?' 

Lauren:  'I don't think so, she's not crying!'"

(Note from me:  Pause for a moment and remember she is 74- YEARS OLD!! I had to stop to laugh hysterically as I pictured my mother flying in the air! What 74-year old woman tries to skate board? I can't even stay on a skate board!!! Now that's a woman who is truly trying to live every second of her life!! :-))

"We laughed about it and I prayed about 50 times that day hoping that I didn't break my wrist and/or hip.   People my age have that happen with smaller falls than that!  I just couldn't sit for several days very well and stairs were hard but as I continued to move, it helped and I am back in shape now. 

The wrist is what is taking longer to heal.  Mike said he could x-ray, but I felt it wasn't broken... just badly jammed with a palm wound.  Aaron [her grandson] had just had a skate board accident the day before and we had our picture taken sharing our matching hand wounds.  I have to wear a wrist brace till it heals.  It was black and blue and it still hurts. *~X( at wits' end  

Over and over again I said…"That was so stupid!!!!"  (Stupid is a 4 letter swear word only worse because it's 6 bad letters.)

Over and over again I thanked God it was not worse.  

So... I skate boarded but only for one millionth of a second!!! (and never again)*:D big grin 
Love, mom.  "

What a funny, lively woman!!  What a blessing she is in our lives, and how grateful to God we are that she is still walking after her skateboard attempt! 

I Need YOUR Help

Gosh, I have so much I want to write about and not enough hours in the day! I can't express how therapeutic it is to put in writing the many ways the Lord is blessing my life. It is healing to go back to a dark few months and see more clearly the miracles along the way… to see HIS ALMIGHTY HAND.

I have been feeling strongly that I would like for YOU: my readers and friends, to share YOUR stories of faith and miracles because YOUR stories strengthen me. I'm not sure exactly how it will turn out, but so many of you have shared your experiences via email, I would love permission to share them on my blog. It is a blessing to share these miracles from God. (I know that some are too private, sacred and personal.) Ever since my children began writing their miracles, they have a tendency to recognize God's goodness in their lives even more.

I have found that ever since I returned to writing again, I am so much more focused on the good in the world. My perspective changes when I write… I feel as if I open a column of personal communication and revelation from God for my life when I take the time to meditate on my life.

I would love it if YOU would share YOUR faith-building experiences to my email, and I will share one of those stories every week on my blog (with your permission only.) I can share it anonymously or with your name- whatever you choose.

My email address is mydailymiracles@gmail.com. 

Please do not stop sharing your experiences with me! I will only share them on my blog if you give me permission.

I know the Lord is working through and in all of our lives, and we are mutually uplifted as we see how HE is creating such personalized miracles for each of our lives… all with the same perfect love.

Please share your stories with me to my email. God is in all the details of our lives. HE is there… even when we do unthinkable things… like try to skateboard as a Senior Citizen!  God is so good!!