Monday, March 30, 2015

Fluffy & Rumblemuffin

Our Bunny Miracle

This past Christmas was AMAZING. I promise to write this week about the miracles that happened at Christmastime with our wish lists… people are so good!

The day before Christmas Eve, I asked Jordan what he wanted for Christmas. He said he didn't need anything at all. (He knew we didn't have very much money and didn't want to put stress on the family.) Tyson overheard him and said, "Jordan go-ahead and tell mom what you really want." 

After much hesitation, he said, "I want a pet that I can cuddle with."

Shocked because I already have about a million human bodies to feed and clean up after, I said "Oh no Jordan- no pets!!" 

Then, he sweetly said, "That's ok. What about a fish?" 

I was touched by his sweet response, and the wheels began turning in my head of how to satisfy his wish. To cover up I said, "No way, Jordan." 

He responded sweetly, "That's ok. A pretend fish?"

Oh my gosh… he was breaking my heart!!  I told Jordan I was sorry but he would have other gifts for Christmas.

That day I called his old football coach. He breeds rabbits. I asked him what was required to take care of a rabbit. He told me to come over the following day, and he would give Jordan a rabbit and a temporary cage. I was so excited!!! On Christmas Eve, Abe and I snuck the cage into our bathroom. 

The rabbit was one of our last gifts to pull out… Jordan and EVERYONE ELSE were thrilled to see the cute, little, brown rabbit… a REAL ONE!!  

They adored this rabbit. I have posted pictures of Juliana with the brown rabbit. They named him Fluffy. 

One day, about a month ago, Juliana left the cage open during the night and Fluffy was gone by morning. The boys immediately ran through the woods looking for him. With sad faces and drooped shoulders, they returned with no Fluffy. The empty cage was devastating for everyone. All kinds of big, wild animals roam through our yard; some have even tried to get into Fluffy's tiny cage. We were certain that Fluffy was gone for good...and most likely dead.

We all prayed for Fluffy, but Mariah continued to pray with the most faith for Fluffy's safe return. I greatly doubted the likelihood of his return. 

The same day that Fluffy was gone, I called our friend and delivered the sad news about Fluffy. I told him I would be returning his cage that day. He immediately insisted that we keep the cage and come pick out a new rabbit. 

By that same afternoon, we came home with a small, white rabbit. The children named him Rumblemuffin.

Rumblemuffin was with us for only two days when Juliana looked outside and saw Fluffy hopping to our front porch! Our brown bunny had returned! You should have seen the excitement! We ran after him so wildly that he ran off scared and we had to chase him down in the forest. 

Mariah immediately reminded us that God brought Fluffy back home safely. 

She was right… what a sweet blessing from God to see Fluffy!  Not only was he alive, but he was sitting on our porch!! God cares about us. God cares about our children. God cares about what makes us happy. We all know that God answered our prayers- especially that of Mariah who maintained her faith and continued to pray for Fluffy. 

God kept little Fluffy safe from the animals in the woods and brought him home. 

God can CERTAINLY bring all of us safely home!!!

But now we had two bunnies!!!  

This too was a blessing. If we hadn't lost the first one, we wouldn't have had the courage to get a second one… and the children were even MORE overjoyed!! 

But now we needed a bigger cage… 

Abe could see that the children were definitely in love with these bunny rabbits, so he did something COMPLETELY out of his nature. He borrowed some tools, turned our garage into a carpenter's lab and built a rabbit hutch.. in his "spare" time.

Yes… my cute city man built a rabbit hutch for the children's bunnies. He even built a divider in case we get a female bunny and some day want baby bunnies… we will wait a bit for that! 

But look at what Abe built!!