Monday, March 9, 2015

"Good Enough"

Last fall as I was struggling through some very difficult events in my life, I decided to talk to the Bishop of my church. I spent some time pouring my heart out concerning the good and the bad. All of a sudden he interrupted me and said, "I feel inspired to tell you that you are good enough."

I stopped my whole thought process and must have given the bishop a strange look… I wondered why he told me I was "good enough" because it didn't necessarily warm my heart when he said it. In fact, I didn't even take it as a good thing because I wanted to be amazing, wonderful, and outstanding! I didn't want to be "good enough." I looked at it as: "You're not great, but I guess you're barely good enough…mediocre..."

I smiled at the Bishop and thanked him for his words of inspiration. I never told anyone about that conversation- not even my husband- but I kept that phrase in my mind and in my heart wondering why those words were important.

Several months later I was feeling some anxiety about some issues, so late at night I asked my husband to give me a priesthood blessing.

(A priesthood blessing is where a man with the priesthood authority from God places his hands on your head and blesses you by speaking the words directly from Heavenly Father.)

Abe, my husband, placed his hands upon my head and began to speak. He said many nice, comforting words and then he paused and said, "The Lord wants you to know that you are GOOD ENOUGH."

As he said those words, "GOOD ENOUGH," tears streamed down my face and the Spirit poured into my heart. I knew it was from God! That's just not a phrase that I'm ever told… especially not from my husband!

Even though I didn't understand it, I had a very strong feeling that I needed to meditate and ponder on those words more… so I did. Maybe it didn't mean mediocre or just barely enough… maybe it meant more...

A couple days later, Abe and I were in the van together, and I asked him what he thought about those words. He compared it to being "good enough" to make an NFL football team- and that would be pretty amazing if you were good enough to make the team. All of a sudden it hit me! I had been looking at it all wrong!

The Lord wanted me to know that I AM GOOD ENOUGH FOR HIM!!

I am "good enough" to be the Lord's disciple and "good enough" to enter the Lord's Kingdom…

Wow! Those words are way beyond mediocre…GOOD ENOUGH IS amazing, wonderful, and outstanding!

I believe the Lord wants us to stop stressing about whether or not we are good enough and just start enjoying and learning from the journey that HE has prepared for us as HIS disciples.

I will forever teach my children that they are "good enough" to be called a Child of God and to be considered one of HIS valiant servants. Jesus sacrificed for us so that we are all good enough… by HIS grace… good enough to return to our Heavenly Father's presence as we remain faithful to HIM.