Monday, November 25, 2013

Divine Intervention

There is a sweet sister whom I hadn't seen at church for several weeks.  She is the sister I wrote about a few months ago in my blog post, "Familiar Face."  I kept thinking about her and wondering where she was.  The last several times I had called, her phone number didn't work, so I hadn't tried her phone number again to check on her for awhile.

Yesterday morning before church, I had a very strong impression that it was time to call her again, so I did.  For the first time, she answered!  After talking to her, I found out that her husband had been living in a hotel.  She went out of town with her kids to stay with family for several weeks because they didn't have a new home yet.  She and her children had just returned the day before and now the whole family was in the hotel room together… with no car… and still no home!  One of their cars was broken down, and the other one needed to be registered.

She was overjoyed that she would have a way to get to church!  I arrived and quickly helped dress the children and comb their hair; we made it to church JUST in time.  This lovely sister had a huge smile the entire time.  The phone number I had been using was to her old home, but now it was being transferred to her new cell phone.  Thank goodness I could finally reach her!

As we drove home from church, Abe asked her where she was going for Thanksgiving.  She smiled and said, "We're accepting invitations."  We are grateful to have this sweet family come to our home for Thanksgiving dinner.

A miracle can be defined as divine intervention.  Members of our bishopric at church asked how we knew this family was in need.  I told them it was the power of the Holy Ghost.  I'm grateful for divine intervention… I'm grateful for miracles… I am grateful for the guidance and inspiration from the Holy Ghost.  God truly does love ALL HIS CHILDREN.