Monday, November 18, 2013

Miracle at the Pharmacy

Just a few weeks after we moved here, I wrote about my son having an ear infection.   At that time, we were still in complete shock that we were even in a financial crisis.  There was a sweet lady who had come for dinner, and she "happened" to be a traveling physician.  She assessed our son and gave him a prescription without any cost to us.  I never wrote about the rest of that miracle…

This new friend of ours called our prescription in to our preferred location.  I went an hour and a half later, so it should have been ready for us to pick it up.  I went to the pharmacy and waited in line.  They were going to send me back home because they didn't get it done in time.  I asked them if there was any way to put a rush on it because I didn't have the gas money or the time to return again later because my other children had classes at the school soon.

The head pharmacist came to talk to me privately.  He said, "I'll take care of you.  I'll get it done in five minutes."  I was so grateful and thanked him.  I waited off to the side with all the kids.  A few minutes later, he called me over as promised.  He said there was a problem with my insurance.  It hadn't transferred over from Michigan properly, so my insurance dropped us.  I knew there were problems with it, but I thought our prescriptions were still active.

The pharmacist could see my shoulders slump and the look of great disappointment when he gave me the price without insurance.  Without any hesitation at all he said, "Don't worry- I'll take care of it."

I didn't know what he meant by, "I'll take care of it," so I just waited.  He quickly bagged up the prescription, took out his debit card, scanned it, and handed me the medication for my son telling me he hoped for my son to get well soon.

I was in shock- tears streamed down my cheeks.  I needed to leave, but I had a hard time turning and walking away.  I told him thank you, but I didn't know how to let him know the impact his generous gesture was leaving on my heart.   I asked him for his name so I could repay him when I straightened things out with my insurance. My kids questioned me all the way out to the car about my tears.  I told them they were absolutely wonderful tears; and once in the car, I shared the miracle which had just taken place.  I knew God was looking out for our little struggling family.

When I returned home, I made the calls to my insurance.  They reinstated my insurance and promised to send me a reimbursement check for the medication.  I called this pharmacist to tell him I would be giving him the reimbursement.  He said he did not need it.  He did it to help.  He continued, "Just buy something for your son at our store when your reimbursement comes."

This was a beautiful financial blessing, but it was also a spiritual blessing… God let me know HIS hand was watching over us.  What a beautiful way to let me know that HE was there… working through the heart and hands of a stranger's goodness.