Wednesday, November 20, 2013

1 Year Anniversary Today!

Abe and I were married in the St. Louis Temple for all eternity.  Because we were married in the temple, all our biological children are automatically sealed to us for all of eternity.  Jayden came to us a different way…. Jayden was born from my heart.  It is true!  He was in my heart since I was a little girl.  The adoption finalization through the courts had just taken place, so we were now able to take him to the temple.

Exactly one year ago today, our entire family went to the St. Louis, MO Temple to have our precious baby Jayden sealed to us forever.  Normally, our other children would have to wait until they were older to enter the temple; but since they were given the opportunity to be present for the sealing, our children had been preparing for this day for quite some time.

We made the 6-hour drive as a family from Michigan to St. Louis, Missouri on the morning of November 20th.  We arrived in the early afternoon- just in time for the sealing ceremony.  Abe's parents, my parents, and several other close friends were there with us.  We arrived with all our white clothing in our bags, and we were ready for this big moment we had been anticipating for such a long time.  My parents accompanied my children into the dressing room and helped them get dressed into their white clothes.  When Abe and I entered the dressing room, I could feel the excitement in the air.  The temple workers had given each of the children a packet for them to write their feelings about their experiences.  The children looked like the purest of angels dressed in all white.

I cannot express in words the feelings of love that ran through my heart as Abe and I knelt at the altar knowing that in moments Jayden's adoption would be sealed for the eternities.  We had been praying to find him for so long.  My mother brought our baby Jayden to us and placed his hand on ours.  After the sacred ceremony, the rest of our children came up around the altar as well and learned about the significance of an eternal family on a level they will never forget.

I asked each member of our family (who can talk) to share their feelings and memories from the temple.

Their words touched my heart deeply.

Abe's Memories

I felt like it was a beautiful time to be with all of our family in the temple.  What a great opportunity it was for our young kids to go to the temple.  And now how much greater of a testimony they have of the temples because of their experience.  When I was in the temple, it was just a really nice, calm and peaceful feeling.  I was grateful that a really important piece was being added to our family.  I think Jayden is a miracle.  Every day he's just always so happy.

Jackson's Memories

I prepared to go to the temple by studying the scriptures and going over how I need to act in the temple and how special it is.  I remember when we got sealed, I felt the Spirit.  It was like there was a tingling around me.  I could feel the Holy Ghost right by me.  It was really great that Jayden finally was going to be with us forever no matter what and that he's our brother.  I like how energetic and joyful Jayden is.  He smiles a lot.   I feel that it's really awesome that he's my brother forever.  My favorite part of the temple was when we kneeled down together around the altar.  I liked that part because that was when we were all together as one family.

Tyson's Memories

Well… I really loved the mirror room because I saw my family for eternity and eternity and eternity.  I also liked walking around and looking at the temple.  I felt the Spirit everywhere I was.  The Spirit felt awesome.  I liked all the pictures of Jesus I saw.  The people there were nice too.  I couldn't wait to go to the temple, so I was excited to be there.  I did a lot of things such as getting baptized to prepare to go into the temple.  It made me happy knowing that little baby Jayden was sealed to us forever and ever.  Jayden is one of my number 1 pals; he's my bro.  He makes me happy in everything he does.  He touches my heart and others' hearts too.  He teaches his sisters and is always nice to them. I know the temple is the house of God because I prayed about it, and the Spirit has told me it is true.  I always feel the Holy Spirit when I'm at the temple.  Even when I'm not inside, I feel the Holy Spirit.   I feel so close to God when I'm near the temple.

Jordan's Memories

I prepared to go to the temple by trying to be really good.  I had an interview with the Bishop before we went.   I felt really good, and I felt the Holy Spirit in the temple.  Before I went into the mirror room, I was getting dressed in the dressing room.  Then we went through all these other rooms, and then we went into the mirror room.  When I was in the mirror room, I knew that we would have an eternal family.  When we stood in the middle of the room looking at the mirrors, I felt really, really, really good.  I knew that Jayden was sealed to us.

Mariah's Memories

I remember that Jayden got sealed to our family, and I remember that Jackson felt the Holy Spirit guiding him.  I felt something around me keeping Jayden in our family for all the eternities.  I remember that we had to dress up in nice, white clothes so that we don't make the temple dirty.  We wear white clothes because it helps us remember all the angels in heaven.  I feel happy that Jayden gets to stay in our family.  Even when I die, he's still with me.  I love Jayden so much because he's cute.  He's a good brother, and he loves to do funny things.

"My Mommy"

My little Jayden, born of my heart, has a little game he plays.  He wraps his arms around me as tight as he can, looks around at everyone else, makes sure they're listening, and then says really loud, "MY MOMMY!!"  I then squeeze him back really tight and say, "MY JAYDEN!!" We love our dear little Jayden.  All of our children are miracles in our lives… Jayden is definitely no exception!  What a miracle he is!  We all thank God Jayden is ours forever!!