Friday, November 1, 2013

The Plan of Love

On Wednesday evening, two sister missionaries felt inspired to come to our house.  Right as they were leaving, two male missionaries (elders) came to our house.  Our children sat in the family room to listen to both sets of missionaries share their messages of Christ consecutively.  One of the sisters and one of the elders had only been in the mission field for a week and a half.  Their faces glowed with excitement.  One of the sisters shared her joy about how her father joined the church after 30 years of marriage to her mother.  They challenged our family to pray for families who might be ready to hear the gospel so that they could feel that same joy.

The sisters and elders both gave Jackson and Tyson their own copy of The Book of Mormon to give away.  Tyson tenderly shared with the missionaries how much he loves to read the testimonies Abe and I have written in the first pages of his scriptures.  He said it strengthens him to read our testimonies.

After the sisters left, the elders shared their message.  They talked about where we lived before we came to Earth and what happens after we die.  They made the lesson into a diagram forming the word "Love."

Their message of love is the message of Christ's plan for all our lives.  That message touched my boys' hearts deeply.

Tonight, I was reading about a Muslim prayer room at BYU (Brigham Young University).  BYU is owned by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, yet the church saw it important to not only allow but also provide a place for these Muslim students to worship God in their way.  I pondered on how welcomed and loved those Muslim students must feel, in a predominantly Christian environment, to be given their own place to worship God in their way.  I have a dear Muslim friend who lives in Utah.  We share a great friendship full of love.  When times are hard, we pray for each other.  We don't dwell on our differences; rather, we embrace that love.

As I pondered the love it showed to create this Muslim prayer room on BYU campus, Tyson walked up to me with his Book of Mormon.

He had written his testimony in the front pages of it.  The simplicity of his message was sweeter than I had imagined they would be. He planned on giving his book with his testimony to his favorite teacher... the one who had shown him the most love.  I cried as I read it.  

"Dear ______,
     I love this book.  I read it every morning.  It helps me start the day off well.  When I have trouble doing homework, I read this book.  I hope you enjoy it!

 A few minutes later, Jackson brought his Book of Mormon to me with his testimony written inside.  He was giving his Book of Mormon and testimony to the crossing guard who he talked with every morning.  This crossing guard had shown Jackson so much love each morning while they waited for school to start, that Jackson wanted him to have his most precious gift... his testimony and favorite book.  I cried again to read my young boys' testimonies.

"Dear David,
       This book is very special and is so dear to my heart.  I read this book every morning and it shares a great message.  It talks about how Jesus visited the Americas and prophets you've never heard about.  It is very spiritual and I want to give it to you because I thought you might like this book.  I know Jesus suffered for our sins.  I know he suffered on the cross. I know this book is true.  I hope you enjoy!

These boys had been a part of the missionary discussions and also a part of many of the conversations Abe and I have had about our beliefs over the last several days.  Among many other doctrinal points, our main message to our children is the importance for them to love everyone.  Their testimonies have grown through this process, and they feel an even stronger resolve and urgency to do their part to share that love and to share the gospel that teaches them that love with those whom they love the most.

God loves EVERYONE- even those who do not yet know HIM.  We are HIS tools to bring HIS love and HIS Plan of Love to their lives.

***Side note:  Due to the influx of those not showing love in their comments, I was compelled to learn how to better manage my blog.  Some comments I deleted completely.  Others I left the existence of their comment once being there with the message "Deleted by blog administrator" because I felt it necessary and important to respond to those particular comments.  The best news is that I have learned how to "moderate" comments.  This means I no longer need to delete.  I get to read the comments before I decide if they are published or not.  (I am not very computer savvy, so I'm just learning this. :-))  Thank you so very much for the influx of LOVE and support I received via emails, phone calls, texts, and comments!  What a beautiful surprise.  I look forward to hearing from you who have love to share, insights to share, and again... I even look forward to hearing from you if you have honest questions about my beliefs.  God bless you all. :-)  My heart is full.