Monday, November 4, 2013

Garage Sale Miracles

Last Saturday I saw a sign for a garage sale.  I love garage sales, and I hadn't been to one since July.

I went and saw something for a couple of dollars that I could give to Abe for Christmas.  We were about to leave when the lady said, "Don't you want some corn?"

"No thank you," I said.

"...but it's free!  Everybody likes free, right?"  Then she hurried and got a bag and began to fill it with corn.

I thanked her and told her I would take one for each of the kids.

She continued...  "We also have free groceries for you.  Do you need them?"

Shocked, I told her we actually were struggling financially because my husband needs a sustainable job but that we were fine with food because we live with our in-laws who are helping us a great deal.  She told me that she and her husband had also recently lost their jobs and were needing help as well.

She went and got the groceries anyway and said, "We are pastors and own an Outreach Ministry.  We really want to help."

The kids came out of the car to help carry the groceries.  They all gave her and her husband big hugs of gratitude.

I couldn't believe I had gone to a garage sale and was going home with groceries.  Even more, I couldn't believe she knew that we were a family who was struggling financially.

We didn't look needy... We all had nice clothes on and were smiling big.  Jackson was even wearing a nice suit because he had just auditioned for an all-county band before coming there.

I lingered for a little bit looking at the other items being sold, and I noticed that the offer for food was not presented to anybody else while we were there.  I knew God had spoken to her heart to reach out to us... to let me know HE was aware of our struggles.

I asked her about what their Outreach Ministry did.  I told her my husband sings Christian music professionally, but much of his work is done as service.  She told me about an upcoming event where she would love to have him perform.  I was so excited for opportunities to serve!  She then said we could volunteer some hours and help that way as well.  Because we met this couple, my children and I will be helping to serve the people in the community who have greater needs than ours, and Abe will possibly be one of the performers for their special event.

Isn't it beautiful how God works?

Because she followed the Spirit to offer groceries to us, we discovered ways that we could serve and enrich others' lives as well with what we have to give.  I think it's beautiful and miraculous how God puts people together... to connect.

The Inspired Garage Sales Were Not Over :-)

We started on our way home, and I felt like I should stop again.  I pulled into an area where multiple garage sales were being held on a street.  Cars were everywhere.  Jordan got out of the car with me to pick out some gifts for Mariah for her upcoming birthday.  He ran back and forth between the garage sale and the van to find out Mariah's favorite colors and some of her sizes.  (I can't divulge what he bought because Mariah might see this. :-))

With his very own birthday money, Jordan bought a birthday gift for Mariah and a Christmas gift for Abe.  As we walked out to the car, I wrapped my arm around Jordan; my heart was touched by my little boy's selflessness.  I pondered about how he spent so much money for others, and he didn't even get anything for himself.  I wanted to do something special for him.

We climbed into the van; and just as I was starting the van, a man came to my window holding a really nice, electric guitar.  He had been cleaning out his garage but not selling anything at the garage sale.  

He said, "I saw your son running back and forth between the van and thought he might like this guitar. I would like to give it to him.  It sounds great.  My son used to play it."

My mouth dropped open.  I said, "Oh my gosh!  He would love it!  Did you know that he is my only child who actually knows how to play the guitar?"  (Jordan has an acoustic guitar and practices it almost every day.)  Jordan jumped out of the car and hugged this stranger because he was so excited for the guitar.

The man walked back into his garage.  I turned off my van and followed him to his garage; I had to tell him again how grateful I was.  I wanted him to know what Jordan was doing as he ran back and forth between the van and the garage sales... that he was buying things for his family and not himself.  

The man said, "I just saw him and felt like he would be somebody who would enjoy it."  I assured him he was right.

Then I went back out to the van and reminded Jordan that when we do selfless things, God takes care of us in wonderful ways.  

What a special day that was to meet these Christlike people serving our family in ways that only the Holy Ghost could have prompted them to do.