Thursday, November 14, 2013

Two Sweet Miracles

I am so grateful for the beautiful ways God shows HIS hand in our lives.  I've had a couple of experiences over the last few days that were extra special to me.

My Nephew

I posted about my "Fantastic News" of returning to Bolivia.  To add on to this beautiful miracle in my life is a awesome detail we just worked out last night.  My 16-year old nephew, whom I haven't had an opportunity to spend much time with over the years, is going to Bolivia with me this summer as one of my youth!!  He is an AMAZING, RESPECTFUL, AND KIND young man.  He had been saving his money to go to HEFY for months.  It has been his greatest dream to go ever since he heard about it last year.  However, his parents had decided to wait an extra year before sending him to a foreign country without one of them to accompany him... but since his Auntie is going... HE CAN GO TOO!!  Hooray!  I will be giving ALL the youth every bit of energy and love that I have, but it will be an extra sweet memory to be involved in this life-changing event in my dear nephew's life.  I am honored and grateful to be this fine young man's counselor.  There are only 3 spots left for my session if anyone else wants to go! :-)

The Birthday Candles

On the night of Mariah's birthday, I realized I had no idea where I had put the candles.  She would have been fine without the candles, but she had been anticipating this birthday and her strawberry cake for months.  Everybody was waiting for the big birthday moment.

I looked in all the drawers.  Then, I went to a quiet place and said a prayer asking God to help me find the candles for her birthday cake.  Less than a minute after my prayer, my mind cleared, and I went straight to where I had put the candles.  A family had come over on the spur of the moment to eat cake with us.  They were surprised that I was lighting the candles.  They said, "Wow!  How did you find them?"

I answered with the biggest smile, "I said a prayer!"

God truly does care about the little details.  I know that I found the candles BECAUSE of God's miracles.  HE cleared my mind from my busy, frantic searching.  When I am reminded that HE cares about the small details of our lives, I am strengthened in my knowledge that HE cares immensely for the big details too.

In case you're wondering... I have written an "M6" on Mariah's cake to represent her 6 years of life.  It may look scrappy, but it's just the way she wanted it. ;)