Friday, October 11, 2013

If Not by Me, by Whom?

My home was quiet.  One child was at a class, two other children were sleeping, two were doing school work, and one was playing with dolls.

I finally found a moment to catch up on emails.  A fellow brother in Christianity from Alabama created a video exposing the addiction and devastation pornography delivers.  He asked me to view it and share it.  I turned it on and soon found two of my sons standing by my side with complete attentiveness as they watched the facts being delivered.

I thank this man for creating such a powerful video, so my children's eyes can be opened to how easily this addiction creeps in on even the best of people.

I have written several entries about my personal crusade against pornography in store displays.  Just last week I carefully placed a seductive magazine behind the metal cover intended to hide the most immodest parts of the magazine.  I asked the cashier to please make sure the magazine remained covered.  My husband was with me, and she looked at him like, "Is she serious?"  Abe smiled and nodded reassuring her that I was VERY serious.

My 9- year old said that kids at his middle school talk about sex between all his classes.  How exhausting! The adversary's ugly tactics start very young.

In my church, there is a lovingly inspired, support program called the "Addiction Recovery Program." It is a support for those who are addicted and also for those family members who are feeling the hurt as a result of that addiction.  Our Savior's love, forgiveness, and powerful ability to change us as we turn our will to HIM is one of the overwhelming messages delivered by this program.  Many miracles have come about as a result of this program.

Here is the link to find support groups in your area:

I'm happy to support this man's cause in his fight against pornography  The facts he shares are VERY enlightening.  Here's the link:

Growing up, my mother always said:  If not by me, by whom?

If I don't clean my room, who will?  If I don't share my testimony, who will?  If I don't teach my children, who will?  If I don't fight for righteousness, who will?  My prayer is that we ALL will do our duty to stand for truth and righteousness.

God bless you and your families.