Monday, October 28, 2013

Jordan's Birthday Part 2: Photos of his Scary Surprise!

WARNING:  The following photos are VERY SCARY... SERIOUSLY!!

We had prepared Jordan that his birthday celebration would be much smaller this year because of financial restraints.  However, it became MUCH, MUCH more!!  My wonderful in-laws surprised him with a fantastic Gatorland trip for the whole family!!  Turning 8 is very special because he gets to get baptized at age 8.  His special day is in December... but in the meantime... Gatorland awaited....

Part of Jordan's gift included a special zipline adventure OVER the alligators!!  I got to accompany him!

I wasn't kidding... OVER the alligators!!  He got stuck at one point and dangled like a piece of chicken over the scary gators!  ...but he wasn't afraid one bit.

As part of his special celebration, Jordan had the "opportunity" to stand right in front of 12-15 hungry, gigantic alligators to feed them raw meat!  Your eyes do not deceive you... my little birthday boy is standing just a few feet away from the giant alligators... with their mouths open... with no fence in front of them!!  I'm still not quite sure why that is ok!!  IT WAS ABE & JORDAN'S IDEA!!  ... gifted from his parents. :-) Thank you Mom and Dad!!!  What a day!  (BTW... there was a Gatorland employee standing right next to him for added protection beyond his measly stick. :-))

We ended with cake, ice cream, and balloons.  Do you see my in-laws in the back?  They made great sacrifices to make this day extra special; they were the heroes of the party!!