Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Representing Africa

We moved to a wonderful area that decided to disperse all the Spanish wards to join all the cultures and languages together.  This has been a difficult transition for many because now the prayers, talks, and lessons are done with translators.  In class, we have an opening song and prayer in one language and a closing song and prayer in the other language.  

I know it is difficult for many because of language barriers, but I feel blessed being surrounded by the many beautiful people from around the world.  My heart has been deeply enriched.

A couple of weekends ago, a wonderful even at the church brought our many rich cultures together.  Members from India, Tahiti, Hawaii, Venezuela, Puerto Rico, Mexico, Bolivia, Africa and the United States brought food, decorations, and performances from their native countries from all over the world.  The food was delicious and the costumes were elaborate.  

As a predominantly African-American family, we opened the evening of performances representing AFRICA!!  I think you'll REALLY enjoy this 2 minute video.  Abe and Tyson are the soloists.  Jackson is on the drums.  Jayden is baby Simba, and the rest of are the back-ups. :-)

After all of the eating and entertainment... the members moved the chairs to the side and had a dance!!!  I couldn't believe that I lived in an area where people had enough joyous energy in their hearts to keep on dancing and keep the party going!!  Of course we joined right in!!

The following Sunday, many of us bore our testimonies of how this one activity filled our hearts with so much increased love and appreciation for each other.  God truly has beautiful children all over the world.  Our language differences did not matter because the language of love reigns over all.