Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Live Your Life Like Gragran

It was my father's birthday yesterday, and I called him to sing Happy Birthday.  He kindly listened and then quickly reported that he was racing out the door to help my 94 year old grandmother.

My grandmother, whom we call Gragran, had collapsed, and my mother needed help with her.  Once my dad arrived, my parents called the ambulance because Gragran's coloring did not look good.

I waited and worried all day wondering how she was doing.  The doctors believe her collapse was the result of a newly discovered heart condition and dehydration.

Although 94 years old and although most every part of her body aches, Gragran is determined to make the most of each day God has given her.  In fact, she collapsed while attempting to arrange quilt pieces after a busy morning of shopping!   Gragran continues to hand quilt such intricate pieces that even my young hands and eyes couldn't do what she does!  She has a beautiful garden full of vegetables and flowers.  She feeds the animals that come to visit her yard, and she cooks delicious food for us when we come to visit.

My mother stayed by my dear grandmother's side until late into the night last night.  As Gragran lay in her hospital bed, she was in good spirits.  She is 94 years old, and she had never known what it could feel like to take a day off and not worry about getting anything else done.  She actually enjoyed it!  "How is it that Gragran has lived ninety-four years, and she's just now discovering a "lazy day?" I questioned my mother.  We both agreed on the answer:  she's simply amazing and a beautiful example of service and love.

Every day, my mother makes copies of my "Daily Miracles" and brings them across the street to her house because she loves to read them.  When I feel tired and worn out.... that maybe I won't write for the day, I think of my dear grandmother who musters up every bit of energy she has to do the things God wants her to accomplish each day.

Having a weakened body must be very discouraging for her because her valiant spirit wants to do so much more.  I hope my dear Gragran knows how much she touches our hearts by fully living the beautiful life God has prepared for her.  HE does not expect more from her.  We do not either.  We are grateful for Gragran and her heart of service and love.