Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Jackson's Prompting

Last week I began "experimenting" upon the word of Christ on a deeper level both individually and as a family.  I knew miracles would come into my life as I applied more faith towards reading and studying the Lord's word in the Bible and in The Book of Mormon with even more diligence on a daily basis.

On Monday morning, Jackson came downstairs with The Book of Mormon in his hands.  He said, "I'm going to give this to somebody today."  Kind of worried, I responded, "...but Jackson, do you even know who you're going to give it to?"  (I pictured kids being disrespectful and mean to him about something that was so dear to his heart.)  He said he did not know who it was for, but he would choose somebody.

I suggested that first he write his testimony inside of it.  As he ran to get a pen so he could write in it on the way to school, I stopped him and said, "No wait Jackson.  Why don't you spend some time to really write it nice.... and this book is kind of old.  Don't you want to get a new one to give away?"

He sadly placed it on the table and started out the door.  He only took a couple of steps and quickly turned back.  With a loving smile, he grabbed his book off the table and said, "I want to still take it with me today to read it."

I knew that Jackson's heart was in the right place.  He simply wanted to share his beloved book of Christ.

That was two days ago, and we still haven't taken the time for him to sit down and write his testimony of Jesus Christ within its pages.  Why did I worry about the condition of the book?  It doesn't matter that he wanted to give away a used book... his used book was coming even more from the heart.  I feel ashamed that I did not allow my son to move upon the prompting in his heart to act when the Spirit told him to act.  I should have trusted his ability to follow the Holy Ghost.

I am in tears right now as I ponder the Lord's timing.  I know that God can create miracles from our mistakes, and I pray that the Lord will still open up the opportunities for Jackson to have the experience he and whoever else is involved was supposed to have.

Today I commit to spend a prayerful moment with Jackson as he follows the Spirit to know how he should proceed forward in his efforts to share this precious book that he loves so much.

I thank the Lord that our increased scripture study has had such a powerful impact on my 11-year old son.  This powerful impact on his life is a miracle to me.  It is my greatest joy to see my children love and accept their Savior, Jesus Christ into their lives so fully.