Thursday, October 17, 2013

Scriptures at the Picnic Table

I dropped off my little Jordan and Mariah for a violin class at the public school this morning before the regular school hours started.   I planned on sitting under a tree far away from anyone while I read my scriptures, but the assistants at the school convinced me to sit at the picnic tables right by the doors.

There was another mother sitting at a picnic table beside me chatting with her son.

I sat there with my baby Jayden and Juliana and read my scriptures.  I tried not to be obvious about what I was doing, but the assistant walked by me and spoke slowly in a stunned voice, "Are... you... reading your... BIBLE?"

I nodded and smiled.  She responded more positively than I expected.  "That's great!!" she exclaimed.

As I continued to read, I overheard the mother at the next table begin to talk to her son about loving God and not showing hatred to other kids while at school.  She talked to him about going back to church.

Her son seemed confused by the sudden change in conversation.  He said, "What Mom?"  (This didn't seem to be a normal conversation between the two of them, but I was grateful that they were having it.) I believe the short interaction between me and the assistant reminded this mother of the things she wanted to implement into her home.  I admired her humility and ability to change her conversation with her child the moment she felt it in her heart.

I wondered... "Am I humble enough to learn from strangers?"  I'm trying, and I'm grateful for the good people around me who teach me so much.