Sunday, March 17, 2013

Feeling Fat and Pretty

Thursday night we ate at a buffet to celebrate Jackson and Tyson's closing night performances of their big musical at the Civic.  It was family night, so they served several special desserts for the kids.  I ate them all... and the ones my 2 year old couldn't eat as well.  I was in heaven eating unlimited food and desserts with no cooking and no clean-up!!

Friday night was Jayden's birthday.  I made my home-made pizza loaded with every tasty topping you could imagine including extra, extra cheese of course.  I don't mean to brag, but it turned out just right.  I had no choice but to stuff myself with it!!  I also made a double-layered devils food cake with home-made berry sauce and tons of whipped topping.  Mmm-mmm good!  It was a last-minute creation, and I devoured a ton of that too.

Saturday was Jordan's end of class theater performance.  It was only appropriate to celebrate with more food!  We ate M&M ice cream cakes.  I bought 2 of them to insure that we could eat as much as we wanted!   So I did... I ate as much as I wanted.  

Sunday (today) our Sunday Singers group of youth and children came to our house.  My mom always taught me that it's not a party unless there's lots of food, so we had lots of food!  This time we had brownies, green pistachio cookies, and ice cream bars.  I tried some of each... just to make sure they tasted alright. :-)  Oh yeah... I forgot to mention that a young girl at church delivered our Girl Scout cookies today.  I ate half a box of Thin Mints on the way home from church... I really did.  Don't worry- I bought plenty of boxes for the children to eat some too. :-)

Tonight, I was kneeling down with Abe and all the kids ready for family prayer when I realized it hurt to kneel down.  I could hardly breathe in my jeans- I had to unbutton them.  As I did, I moaned about how fat I was.  My legs were even tight in my jeans!  I wondered how that happened so quickly!

I wasn't fishing for compliments, but immediately Tyson said, "Mom you're not fat at all!!  In fact you look like you weigh 70 lbs!  That's 5 lbs less than me!!"  I laughed at his efforts to make me feel better about my bulging body.  Jordan sat on my lap, squeezed me as tight as he could and said, "You're not fat at all! You're pretty!"  I honestly thought it was strange that they didn't see that my legs were 5 times their size.  Abe quieted the children down for Jackson to say the family prayer.  He gave thanks in his prayer; and at the very end said, "and Heavenly Father please help mommy to feel pretty."  

That shocked me!  He prayed for me to feel pretty?  How sweet!  At first I thought he didn't need to pray for something like that... for me to feel pretty.  I was just having a "fat" day after days of gorging myself.  Even so, the scripture in 1Samuel 16:7 came quickly into my mind:  "...for man looketh on the outward appearance, but the Lord looketh on the heart."

I realized my children were looking on my heart.  They didn't care about bulging pants, and they didn't like to hear their mother tear herself down.  

My children melted my heart, and Jackson's prayer was answered.  Even though my body is in great need of a boot camp and a cleanse from sugar, I feel pretty anyway because of Jackson's prayer!!   God made us all "pretty," and the children see it with the clearest of eyes.