Friday, March 15, 2013

Jayden's Birthday

While I was in Missouri, a life-long friend and I were talking about our personal beliefs of life after death.  Both of us believed that we continue to live after we die, and we agreed that we go to a happier place where Jesus is.  Throughout our conversation, we used the term, "Going home," as a happier way of referring to death.  I asked her, "Do you believe that we lived with God before we were born?"  She wasn't sure what she believed about that... she said she had never even thought about it before.  I told her that I believe we did live with God before we came to Earth... that is why we say we are "Going home" when we pass away.  "Home" is where we started out, so our spirits yearn to return to that beautiful place where we used to live.  Aside from being taught this principle all my life, I explained to her that one of the many reasons I believed this so strongly is because of our dear baby Jayden.  

Before Jayden was ever even born, I knew he was in Heaven waiting to come to our home.  I didn't know when he would be coming or even at what age we would find each other, but I felt a very strong drive to continue in the route of adoption.  I believe Jayden was helping that drive... considering his strong personality, I believe he was not going to let me lose hope!!  The adoption process was very heart-wrenching, but every second of it was worth it!!  

Even as a teenager, I wrote in my journal that I felt like I would adopt.  Nobody in my family had adopted, but I married a man with 4 adopted siblings and 1 biological sibling.  He also had the same desire and drive in his heart.  Did Jayden exist in Heaven before he came to our home?  Absolutely!!  He, as well as our biological children, were meant to come to our home to become a forever family... so we can continue as a family even after we die.  God knew that Jayden's journey to us would be more difficult than the others', so I believe that is why I was given such a strong drive to know that he was waiting.  Yes!  We have the opportunity to live with God after we die, but we also had the opportunity to live with HIM before we came to Earth.

Tonight, I felt so grateful that although I was not there to see Jayden's birth, God allowed me to remember the day of his birth very vividly.  One year ago today, I had been anxiously praying for answers on how to find our child.  I wanted specific answers, but God gave me an overpowering peace that all would be well instead.  I did not know how it would all unfold, but I finally accepted that peace.  After so many years of waiting to come to Earth... Jayden had his turn.  He was born!!!  I'm grateful that God allowed me to feel overwhelming peace on the day of his birth... one year ago today.  What a special miracle Jayden is to our family.  HAPPY BIRTHDAY BABY JAY!!

We all chanted, "Jayden! Jayden! Jayden... 
Eat it!!  Eat it!! Eat it... 
but he was not so sure about the fire and the big white fluffy lump on the table.

Strangely, our child who never hesitates to grab our food... required quite a bit of prodding for him to sample this chocolate mess in front of him.

Aha!!  Jayden liked it!!!  Can you tell? :-)

He's thinking, "Are you for real?  This is my dinner?"

So... darn... good....

Every last drop!

"All done!"  He's drunk with sugar...

...and HAPPY!!