Wednesday, March 20, 2013

The Family Shuttle Miracle

Tonight I took my 2 older boys to scouts while I went for a run at the YMCA.  I usually run with all 6 kids.  Jayden and Juliana hang out in the double jogger while Jackson, Tyson, Jordan, and Mariah run their own laps.  Tonight was unique; Abe kept the 4 youngest children at home while I ran alone.  That hardly ever happens!  In fact, because of his work schedule, I honestly cannot even think of the last time that Abe has been able to stay home with the kids while I go completely alone.

The time alone was great because I had an especially discouraging day today with home-schooling.  I love to home-school my children, but today I was ready to quit.  This only happens about once a year.  The kids weren't extra naughty.  Jackson had even received a trophy today for being the most outstanding 6th grade wrestler, and Jordan was grasping math skills like a champ through our AdaptedMind program.

I suffered a debilitating migrane all night the night before, and I think that maybe I was just worn out.

While I ran around the track, I thought about all of my frustrations.  I ran faster and faster dispelling my discouraging thoughts.  I left feeling much better, and as I drove back to pick up my kids from scouts, I said a prayer asking God to help me to know how best to teach my children.  I had been doing a lot of pondering about their spiritual gifts and their natural talents; I wanted to know best how to bring those out in them.  My prayer continued until I arrived to pick up my boys.

Upon arriving, a brother from church approached me in the parking lot and asked if I could take some of his kids home because their suburban wouldn't start.  I of course said yes and told him I could take him, his wife, and all 6 of their kids.  I had room for them all because I just "happened" to have left most of mine with my husband.  He was so grateful for the ride because it was getting late, and his kids needed to get home for school the next day.  I was so happy for the opportunity to serve in a small way.  I was even happier to realize that God was mindful of this family even before I left my house when I decided to leave the kids with Abe.  What a sweet miracle that I had room for such a large family.  We filled 11 out of the 12 seats. :-)  We even had car-seats in place for the extra young ones.

...but then the miracle continued.  The father sat up front while the mother tended to the children in the back.  We had about a 15 minute drive together, and during that drive our conversation turned to why certain people have a hard time problem-solving.  The insights he shared were EXACTLY what I needed to hear.  They applied perfectly to the struggles I was having with home-schooling.  Some of his insights helped me to see that I was on the right track, and his other insights helped me to see what changes I could make.  As he spoke, I told him that those were the exact same things I had just prayed about.  He smiled big and simply said, "That's cool!"

For a mother who had just endured a migrane and her annual thoughts to quit home-schooling, it was more than cool that he shared exactly what I needed to hear... it was a miracle.  I thank God for the way HE is able to answer so many prayers in just one small act.  Is there any doubt that God sees and hears each of our worries and concerns?  Not for me!  HE is infinitely aware of each and every one of us.  My heart is filled with love having felt HIS love tonight.