Saturday, March 9, 2013

A Visit From Melody

Many of us are suffering the loss of Melody this week.  She peacefully left this Earth with both of her boys beside her bed.  She had a smile on her face.  The viewing was beautiful; I have never, in my life, seen so many people at a viewing before.  The people were lined up through the church, out the door, and down the street.  She and her family are loved that intensely... that dearly.  Her life touched so many others by her years of simple acts of love.

I love her... knowing I had to leave for Michigan immediately after her viewing, I wanted to find some video of us together because my heart needed it.  Melody was my best childhood friend, and we had millions of memories together.  I said a prayer for help because my time was so limited.  I began the search through my mom's old videos.   Most of them were labeled with things like track meet, band concert, etc.  I grabbed the oldest tape thinking that one would most likely have something with the two of us.  Nothing was labeled on there indicating anything about Melody, but I put it in the VHS player anyway just in case.  I was trying to figure out my mom's machine because it was displaying some weird symbols.  Without pushing play, I randomly pushed rewind and fast-forward several times.  I finally hit the play button... 

I couldn't believe my eyes!  After my random button pushing, the VHS tape was cued at the very beginning of the best video clip I could have found!  Melody and I were doing back-hand springs together in her back yard!  We were full of life and vigor!  I had talked of this memory over and over, and I literally leaped for joy as I watched us leaping together.  She felt so present... right there with me.  

My heart felt a rush of gratitude.  I know it was the only spot where we were together because in my complete surprise and disbelief, I scanned the tape to see if there was any other video of Melody.  Those few minutes of us doing back-hand springs were the only few minutes on the entire tape of us together.

I know God allowed Melody to lovingly guide my hand to the exact spot on that 2-hour tape, so that I could watch that special memory.  I felt like Melody was saying, "Here we are!!  Stop here!  This is it!  This is the video you need to remember me by!"  

That was my visit from my angel Melody... my tender miracle.

As I sit here in Michigan, far away from all my friends and family who share this deep love for Melody, I already miss their "knowing" hugs and love... our time was bitter sweet.  I now have a very special image in my mind of me and Melody... full of life!!  Tears stream down my face as I thank God for the gift I received.