Friday, July 5, 2013

Celebrating and Living Freely

I love our country with all my heart!!

Yesterday was a beautiful day of celebration!!  We attended a wonderful parade.  Most of us stood and applauded as a float passed by honoring a fallen soldier.  I pondered on the courage of these strong veterans who have kept our country a safe place so that we may continue to celebrate and live so freely.

After the parade, we went to Taco Bell for our lunch.  The lady talking on the other side of the microphone at the drive-thru was extra friendly and patient.  When we approached the window, I said, "You have such a lovely voice!!"

She could see we had a van full of children and that we had just ordered a TON of food, so she asked how many boys and girls we had.  We reported our 4 boys and 2 girls.  Moments later, this lovely woman returned to the window with green slushies for the boys and pink ones for the girls... for free!  The children shouted their gratitude out the window.  She returned with a big "Happy 4th of July!"  Again... I felt so grateful to be able to celebrate and live so freely.

We returned home to quickly get ready to swim and play tennis at the nearby beach.  I suggested that we go on our bikes instead of driving there.  It would take 45 minutes to bike there but only 5 minutes to drive.  My wonderful husband admitted he would much rather drive to the beach, but the kids and I wanted to bike there.  He obliged and tuned up all the bikes for our 10 mile bike ride (including the return trip).

I didn't say this out loud, but my greatest hope in taking this bike ride was to teach the children that they were able to bike just about anywhere in town.  I wanted them to know they were strong and capable.  

After a full day of swimming and playing tennis, we started on our way home.  I was feeling grateful again for our country- where we can bike for miles through the streets after spending a day celebrating so fully and freely.

Tyson and I biked alongside each other for a while.  He sweetly said, "Mommy, thank you so much for taking us on this bike ride.  Do you know what?  We can bike anywhere!!  Lets start riding our bikes places instead of driving!  We can even ride to Walmart to go shopping!"  I explained that there might be some logistical issues with a Walmart shopping trip on our bikes, but we could bike there if we just had something small to pick up.

I couldn't believe that Tyson was saying almost the exact thing that I was HOPING they would gain from this bicycle trip.

I had a desire to teach a principle.  It wasn't the easier route to teach this principle, and I'm so grateful that God allowed me to hear that the lesson I desired to be taught was the lesson learned.  God is so wonderful that HE taught many other amazing lessons to all of us along the way because that is just how powerful and mighty HE is.

I returned with a heart full of gratitude for our country which was created under God's direction and inspiration. GOD BLESS AMERICA!!!