Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Power of Prayer!!

Last week, we received news that our very good friend was diagnosed with a cancerous tumor in his pancreas and kidney.  He has only been married a couple of years and is a father to a precious baby boy.  Our hearts ached with theirs.

Such devastating news opened our eyes to how suddenly things can change for any of us.  Abe told him we would be praying for him; and in good humor said, "Let me warn you though:  When the kids pray for you, they're serious about praying.  They'll pray for you before we eat, in the morning, and at night... they're still praying for a lady who died three years ago!  They do a GOOD job at praying man."

As Abe promised, we have been praying several times a day for the past week for our dear friend.

Today, we received a text from our friend saying that all is well!  THERE IS NO CANCER!"  He then wrote to Abe, "Thanks for the prayers.  I've got a strong testimony of prayer even though I'm inactive."

His term "inactive" refers to the fact that he is not currently attending church.  I am grateful this friend of ours knows of God's love for him no matter where he is on his path to HIM.  God loves us profoundly and wants us to know of that abundant love.

ALL is in the Lord's timing, and we will continue to pray for our friend... maybe for the next three years! :-)