Monday, July 22, 2013

Conversion Stories

Young and old, our conversions are never over!  We hold tight to what we know to be true and allow God to convert us even more!  My older children recently shared their stories of their conversions with me.  The simplicity of their hearts and experiences brought me closer to my Savior, so I share them with you…

Jordan’s Testimony of Prayer (age 5):

 “I was in my room, and it was really dark.  I started feeling not good, and then I prayed to have a good feeling, and I felt good… and one night I kept thinking about what if the church isn’t true… and then I all of a sudden knew that the church is true.   The Holy Ghost told me.  It’s like I felt something saying that the church was true in my mind… and since that night, I haven’t thought that the church isn’t true in my whole life.” 

Tyson’s Testimony of the Temple (age 9)

In November, our baby Jayden was officially adopted into our family for time and for all eternity.  When I asked Tyson about his testimony of the gospel he said, “When I was being sealed to my brother, I could feel something warm around me.   That warm feeling was telling me the church was true.  I loved being in the room with the 2 mirrors where we could see our everlasting family.  I like the feeling of the Holy Ghost.” 

Jackson’s Testimony of the Scriptures (age 11):

“One night as I was reading (the scriptures) and praying in my bed, I decided to ask God if it was true… and I felt a tingling in my back.  I knew it was true... also every night I feel the Holy Ghost.” 

Mariah’s Testimony of Love and Babies (age 5):

 “I love how the love comes over me to watch the babies.  I’m so grateful that I’m a teacher to the babies.  My testimony is that Jesus loves me, and HE died on the cross for me.”

I believe there are defining moments in our lives when we know truth has entered our hearts.  I also believe God continues to give us moments throughout each day to nurture that testimony of truth within our hearts.