Saturday, July 6, 2013

I Didn't Obey... But I WILL!!

A couple of nights ago, I was on my way upstairs from the basement.  The thought came very clear and very strong, "You should pick up that pile of books in case water leaks in the basement."

Water had only leaked into our basement one time last winter when our furnace went out.  I considered moving the books for a moment.  I looked at them and then decided that if I moved those books, I would feel obligated to also move all the other things that could potentially be damaged if water leaked into the basement.  Feeling worn out, I decided not to move anything.

The impression and my counter-thoughts all happened so quickly that Abe didn't even know all that had come through my mind, and he was right behind me!

The next morning, Mariah went to the basement and shouted upstairs, "Was there a flood or something?"

"OH NO!!!"  I thought.  "I didn't listen!!"

I ran downstairs and found a pool of water ONLY where the pile of books were sitting.

Because a small pipe had been moved, water leaked out of the heater and streamed right over to the pile of books that I was prompted to move.

I am sad for the slightly damaged books, but I am even more grateful for the knowledge that the Holy Ghost guides us on even the smallest of details.  This experience renewed my confidence to be able to obey those simple impressions whenever they come.  When something more serious is at stake, I will be ready to listen and obey without hesitation because I KNOW that God's hand is guiding us throughout our daily lives.