Monday, July 1, 2013

Inspired Words- Inspired Moments

In our church, each week a few different members receive the opportunity to give talks/sermons to the congregation on an assigned topic.  Yesterday, a beautiful woman spoke about "Enduring to the End."  The words she shared began to resonate in my soul.  The truths she shared seemed to fit right in with the truths my spirit needed to hear that morning.  The more she spoke, the more I kept thinking her message was just for me.  (I'm sure many people felt that her message was intended for them as well because it was delivered with such a strong spirit.) 

As I listened, the thought came into my mind, "If she talks about the refiner's fire, I'll know this message is for me."  I didn't say it as if to look for a sign from God to know of HIS direct communication with me; the thought just came into my mind...  

Less than a minute later, she began to speak extensively comparing the refiner's fire to the trials that make us stronger.  I could feel tears begin to well up in my eyes and had to look away from the speaker so that those tears wouldn't actually drip from my eyes.  

As another speaker stood to share his message, I quickly went to the bathroom with Juliana.  While I was in there, this woman who had touched my heart so deeply with her words, happened to come into the bathroom too!  I'm usually too busy helping my children, teaching a class, or doing my secretarial assignments to have much more interaction with other adults than my quick hugs to visitors and friends between classes.  If she hadn't have come into the bathroom right then, I never would have had the opportunity to tell her how deeply inspired her words had been.  I believe God gave that moment as a gift to both of us.

She appreciated knowing the things she felt inspired and guided to say actually made a difference, and I felt the Spirit even stronger as I voiced my appreciation for her words.  Our moment of sharing our thoughts in the women's bathroom benefitted both me and her.  Isn't it beautiful how God is working in so many lives at the same time?  HE loves each of us so dearly and individually, and HE is constantly orchestrating beautiful moments throughout each of our days in each of our lives.