Monday, July 22, 2013

Staying Committed

As I began to read a story about a Mormon pioneer woman this morning who, despite her many trials, remained committed to the gospel throughout her life, the Spirit prompted me to read the story to my children instead.  I went downstairs and gathered them for story and discussion time.  As I read, we spent an extra long time discussing the principles of the gospel and the history of our church.  I talked to them about doubts or worries that they might have.  I talked to them about how to cultivate their testimonies and how to stay committed to their families and the gospel as children and as adults.   I even told them that they were quite young to be learning about the gospel with such depth, but I felt like their spirits were ready for it because they would be leaders in the Lord's kingdom.

The oldest boys had a lot of questions and seemed surprised by the challenging, hypothetical situations I presented to them about commitment within the gospel and within their future homes.  I asked them what they would do if days after they were married, their wife was in a terrible accident.  Would they stay committed to her even though that might mean a loss of hopes and dreams they once had?  They immediately explained the wonderful places they would take her in a wheel chair as they continued to stay committed.

This important knowledge I was trying to share was interspersed with cereal flying all over the carpet, the little girls rolling all over each other, and boys  periodically diving off the couch.  Eventually, my message was delivered, and we gathered in a circle on bended knee for family prayer... but not before the two youngest took one last opportunity to giggle and roll all over each other... which erupted into laughter from everyone.

We closed up our family study, and I went to the bathroom.  While in there for my moment of peace, I heard Jackson yelling my name throughout the house.  I kept responding, but he didn't hear me.  I felt a little frustrated, and responded even louder, "Jackson!  I'm in the bathroom!  What do you want?"

He tapped on the door, cracked it open, and quietly said, "I just wanted to tell you thank you... that was really fun."  Quite humbled by his sincerity I told all the children I would try harder to have longer, more meaningful scripture/gospel study times like that every day."

I tear up now as I realize the power of the Spirit on their young, impressionable minds and souls and am inspired by their eagerness to learn.  I honestly never want to miss another opportunity to start the day off feeding all of our souls with the more in-depth messages God puts into our hearts.