Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Jo Jo's Prayer & the "Wall of Death"

I just returned from a gorgeous, 2 night camping trip on Lake Michigan with several other women and our children... and no husbands- the no husband part was sad. :(

We had a special little miracle along the way because of my little JoJo's faith.

Our Miracle

On our drive to the campground, we saw the clouds darkening around us.  Jo Jo said, "Do we really have to drive through that wall of death?"

"I'm afraid so Jordan!" I answered.

As we entered the "wall of death," the rain pounded hard and lightning flashed around us.  My windshield wipers worked overtime to keep us on the road.  I could see a clearing off in the distance, so I was still hopeful for a sunny camping trip.

After only a couple of minutes of the storm, my windshield wiper snapped off and started to flail around the windshield providing absolutely no help from the "wall of death!"  We were driving on a country road.  I knew I needed to stop, but I could hardly even see where to stop. 

Still unable to see much of anything, I pulled into a driveway and sat in my car for a moment.

This windshield wiper had fallen off on a previous trip with Abe when we hit a rainstorm.  He had pulled over at a gas station to put it on and spent about 15 minutes trying to figure it out.  I remember sitting nice and dry in the passenger seat thinking how happy I was that I didn't have to try to figure that out because I do not have a good brain for fixing anything.  

I often work for hours trying to solve a problem only to have Abe come home and solve the issue in moments, so I just don't even waste my time trying anymore!  I was worried because if it took Abe, the problem-solving master, 15 minutes to fix the windshield wiper... how long would it take me???

Well... here I was... stuck in lightning and a serious downpour.  I waited for a moment, mustered up some courage, and attempted the seemingly impossible.  Because I was honestly worried about the lightning, I tried to just hang my body out of the window, so that most of my body could stay inside the van.  That obviously wasn't going to work, so I sucked it up and did it right.  I ventured out into the storm.

In complete shock, I fixed it in about 30 seconds!!  I ran back into the van, and Jordan shouted out, "You did it!!  I said a prayer that you would be able to fix it!"  I shouted back, "Thank you so much!  I said a prayer too!  Your prayer helped!"

We drove on for about 5 more minutes, and the windshield wiper flew off again!  I very slowly found another driveway, got out of the car, and fixed the wiper again.  This time I pushed really hard on the attachment.  The moment I re-entered the car all the children shouted excitedly, "I said a prayer again that you could fix it!!!"  I assured them again that it was their prayers that gave Mommy the ability to fix the windshield wiper.

The windshield wiper stayed intact the rest of the way to the campground.  We felt blessed.  The storm cleared up, and the children and I promptly spent the rest of the evening splashing in the waters of Lake Michigan.  

I'm grateful that God's hand is in the resolution of the little problems that arise in our daily lives.  I'm also grateful for the faith and excitement the children have when experiencing God's miracles.

The following are pictures that I share purely for inspiration for you to come visit!!  Michigan is one of this nation's best hidden secrets!!  

We camped in the woods... 

...walked a short distance along picturesque trails... 

...which opened up to THIS!!

It felt like our own private beach... with a few friends. :-)

The children awoke early in the morning and explored the beach all day long...

 ...until the sun set.

We returned to camp and said a family prayer thanking God for HIS love and for our safety.... God is good.