Friday, July 26, 2013

Steps of Faith

We are facing a difficulty as a family right now, and I had been feeling a little bit defeated by the steps of faith we would need to take to try to resolve our problem.

I sat down and opened a spiritually-based magazine entitled the "Ensign."  The magazine I opened was from a few years back, and the story I opened to was one I had never read before.

As I read the title, I tilted my head back and thought, "Am I reading this right?"  The title of the story had the exact words of the struggle I was facing!  I couldn't believe it!

I read the article knowing God had guided me to it, and I took the advice within knowing God's hand was close by.  Having that knowledge of God's closeness is helping me greatly with the sacrifices we are needing to make in the pathway to our resolution.

I hold on tight to these small little miracles because by these small moments of recognizing God's hand, shall great things come to pass.  I believe it, and I put all my faith in that comforting thought!