Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Wisdom from a Farmer

A big financial stress just unexpectedly hit our family.  A few days ago, I felt inspired to make an inquiry via email at a blueberry farm to find out more details about possible, seasonal employment.

I never heard a response, so I figured that wasn't the direction I was supposed to go.  I inquired because I wanted God to know that I was absolutely willing to do anything HE asked of me.

Yesterday, while I was waiting for my children to come out of play practice, I received a return call from the manager of the blueberry farm.  After I asked a lot of questions, the farmer caught on to the fact that I must be rather new to this line of work.  He said, "You understand this is farm work, right?"  I assured him I understood and that I am a really hard worker.

He continued to politely answer my questions; but before he hung up the phone, he paused a moment.  Then, out of the blue, he began to express his great faith in God's love for me and my family.

This man knew absolutely nothing about me.  All he knew was that I needed to make some money.  He didn't know of the depth of the financial stresses that had just hit our family.  He didn't know how many children we have.  He didn't even know if I believed in God!

... yet he continued to share comforting words of God's great love for me and my family.  He told me God was watching out for us and would take care of us.

As he spoke, I became silent.

Tears rolled uncontrollably down my face as I listened.  I couldn't tell him how inspired he was during such a difficult time and how his words felt like a direct message from God.  My soul was so overcome that I couldn't speak anything at all to this man except for a quiet thank you.

I was so grateful for his encouraging words that I wanted to be more like him.  I asked myself if I could share my testimony of Christ even more boldly to those around me.  I thought, "Maybe if I pause for a moment, I too can be guided by the Holy Ghost to uplift someone in their time of need- even if I never know the good it will have done."  I'm thankful this man had the courage to speak his testimony to a complete stranger... to me... never to know of its impact.