Thursday, August 1, 2013

Youthful Zeal

Abe and Jackson are at scout camp together this week.  Although, I received reports that their tent and most of the campsite has been flooded, I know they're having a blast together!

While Abe and Jackson experienced the true spirit of scouting, I drove the children around to play practice and other errands.  

At one point, Tyson asked me to drop him off half a mile away from our destination, so he could take a run in the summer downpour.  He ran through a trail to reach the destination and took a little longer arriving than I would have expected... because he arrived with a SNAKE in his hands!!  He was so thrilled.  He stood at my van window showing me all the parts of it's body as it coiled an actual knot around his fingers- I'm still getting shivers as I picture the snake.

Then, later on in the day, while it was still a downpour, Mariah, Tyson, and Jordan asked to be dropped off along the way to our destination so they could all run in the rain together.  At our meeting point, they burst into the car with an energy that radiated from every bit of their bodies.  Their energy invigorated me out of my tiredness.

We arrived home, and I had a huge project to work on in the house.  After several hours of work, I walked into my family room to see my children in their pajamas jamming to some serious jazz music. 

It first started with the four of them in their pajamas and Daddy's "Jericho Road" hats... 

Then, with no assistance from me, they ran into their rooms and came out dressed like this...

 I'm not even sure where they learned their moves, but Jayden quickly joined in on the fun and shook his little body around the room as well. :-)

These kids were intense!  They tossed their "canes" and hats around, danced in a line, and kicked up their legs.

It actually looked like a prepared routine!  

Once again, they invigorated me out of my tiredness as I watched their expressions on their faces.  I laughed and cheered as they put on a true show for me.  All of my children have participated in multiple musicals and plays, and they come from two parents who also love to perform.  I guess I wasn't too surprised when they requested to take their routines to the streets for tips!!!

Hmmm...  I'm thinking about that one!  I could make balloon animals, Jackson could drum, Abe could sing, and the other ones could dance their hearts out!  It's a show!! :-) 

I finally quieted the children down and sent them all to bed.  After silence fell over my house, I sat at my computer to do my work and couldn't help but notice that some of my own youthful zeal for life was fading lately because of my other worries.  I felt upset thinking that if it weren't for these stresses, I could have enjoyed my day more!!  Then, I realized that I still had a choice!!

I decided I would allow myself to be a bit more free next time and join in on the fun!!  That's what letting go and letting God is all about!!  I don't want to be a crabby, boring adult just because I understand life's challenges all too well.  

This morning I read in Alma chapter 58.  In this story, Helaman heads his courageous, valiant army and is frustrated with the way some things are turning out.   In the midst of his frustration he says in verse 37, "But, behold, it mattereth not- we trust God will deliver us..."

I plan on trusting God more today!!  Worrying does no good!!  I plan on working hard but taking short breaks from my work projects to join in on the children's youthful zeal.  I bet my "Youthful Zeal" breaks will actually make me more productive in my projects of being an adult. :-)

I LOVE remembering that I have a choice in the matter!!  Today I choose the freedom to enjoy this life- challenges and all- and I choose to remember the zeal of youth.