Monday, August 5, 2013

Do Not Use Sink!!!!

Abe finally arrived home on Saturday after 2 weeks of absence!!

We hugged.  We kissed.

...and then I gave him the assignment to fix the sink and the dishwasher that had both broken the night before.  How convenient that my husband would be returning the day after it broke! :-)

Abe worked on it while I cooked.  He mentioned in passing not to use the sink yet.  I heard him but didn't really focus on what he was saying.

We were hurrying out the door to watch Tyson do his end of camp skits and to drop off Jordan and Mariah for their play.  All the kids were in the car when I heard a dripping sound down in the basement.  I yelled for Abe, "There's water dripping into the basement!!  What did you do to the sink?  Why is this happening?"

Abe called back, "What could it possibly be from?"  I said, "I don't know, but it wasn't happening until YOU fixed the sink!"

We wiped up the water and cleared our valuables away from the dripping water.  I ran out to the car while Abe finished up the details.

When he came to the car, he said, "Did you use the sink?"

My mind raced back to dinner time: "Ummm... I think I did."

Abe said, "You did... that was why the basement was leaking!  There's water everywhere under the sink.  I took all the pipes out from under the sink- you can't use it yet."

Feeling bad for blaming him for the basement leak, I apologized profusely.  I said, "I need a sign on there.  I can't remember- I'm cooking with children running all around me."

We returned after our evening festivities, and Abe put up a sign below the sink:

About 10 minutes later I heard him grumbling to himself... HE USED THE SINK!

I said, "I think we need another sign!"

Abe put up a 2nd sign- this time above the sink:

About 10 minutes later, Abe walked into the kitchen and looked under the sink.  He said, "Did you use the sink again?"

I looked at my hands... they were still a little damp... I couldn't remember the details of what had happened, but the proof was there.  I MUST have used the sink AGAIN!!!

Then, about 5 minutes later, my son came in after eating and washed his plate out... in the sink.  Both Abe and I yelled, "STOP!!  Look at the signs!!  Don't use the sink!"

I thought, "We just need to tape it off!"  Just a few minutes ago, Abe tried another preventative method- he taped it off. (We'll see if it works!!):

I think there are a few lessons to be learned from our sink fiasco:

1)  We are definitely creatures of habit- even when there are big signs telling us to do otherwise.

2)  I was quick to blame others when problems arose.

3)  Sometimes, what seems like such an easy thing to do or remember to do for others isn't so easy once we're placed in the same situation.

Let me recap:

Abe couldn't believe that I would forget after he told me about the sink.  I couldn't believe that Abe would forget after a sign was put up- about the sink.  Again, Abe couldn't believe that I would forget with 2 signs up- about the sink.  Then both Abe and I were both shocked when our 11 year old forgot with those same 2 obvious signs- about the sink.

Back to the lessons:

1)  I could focus more on the warning signs and learn more quickly.

2)  I could consider my own mistakes in any problem before noticing others'.  There's always bound to be a fault of mine in there too!

3)  I coud definitely try to place myself in other people's shoes more often... especially my children.  Those cuties have a lot they're trying to learn in the few short years they've been here on Earth!!

Apparently, I have a lot to learn!!  I'm thankful for the lessons taught this weekend.  Since we are creatures of habit, I pray I can learn quickly!