Thursday, August 22, 2013

An Inconvenient Downpour!!

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Today's Story:  An Inconvenient Downpour!

Today, we finally unloaded our big moving truck.  Several men from the area came to help us!

We were loading most of our stuff into a storage unit, and it took careful consideration to decide what would go in the far back.  Some things we would need in the front, and some things were too fragile to be placed on the bottom.  In order to fully asses the situation, our new-found friends/movers decided to take most of the boxes out of the truck.

Without any warning at all... no dark clouds... nothing...

It was an instant downpour for about 10 minutes!!  My babies squealed with excitement as water rushed out the gutter, and I squealed with panic!  

All of us threw everything back into the truck and under the awning as fast as we could, but we were too late. 

By the time the downpour stopped, a huge amount of our boxes, blankets, bean bags, and mattresses were soaked through.

I knew I would need to take those to another location to re-box them or dry them out.  We had a ton of furniture and plastic bins which could be salvaged, but we couldn't put them into the storage unit while they were wet... not in Florida!!  It would create instant mold through our whole unit.

The men asked if I knew where any towels were.  I had no idea which box they would be in.  There were boxes everywhere, and I mostly used the towels individually to pack fragile items more safely.  "Did I even pack a box of towels?" I wondered.

I stood there for a moment looking at our drenched dressers, dining room table, and ping pong table.  I needed a solution.  Then, the thought came to me. "You believe I can do anything.  You believe in miracles."

I immediately said a prayer.  I hadn't prayed for the rain to stop.  I prayed to find some towels, so we could clean up the damage from the rain.  I ended my prayer and walked directly to a random box.  I started opening it and saw a piece of a towel.  "Could it be?"  I wondered.  "Oh my gosh I think it's a towel!"  I exclaimed.

I ripped the rest of the tape off the box and found about 5 towels!  I shouted, "I have towels everybody!"

I immediately thanked Heavenly Father for directing me so quickly to the towels, and we all got to work wiping the furniture down!

Abe and I will be drying out our boxes tomorrow.  That's certainly NOT what we wanted to do all day, but we'll be alright.  The kids promised to pray for Mommy and Daddy to have added strength to repack.  Also, I KNOW God will bless us because God was in the details of the towels right at the moment we needed them.  I'm grateful for that miracle, so I can move on to our next task with a happier heart.  A happier heart lifts most any burden.