Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Baked Goods

We haven't told our neighbors yet that we are moving.  I guess we're not quite accepting it ourselves!

Our plans are to move somewhere... still to be decided... by the end of next week.  We've lived in Michigan for 3 years and this particular house for only one year.

We have several, very friendly neighbors.  I wrote about a beautiful turn-around with one neighbor last week in a blog post entitled, "Boldly Hugging."

Today, for the first time ever, this same neighbor baked us a very special treat.  It was the most yummy caramel cake!  It was almost as if she knew this was our last week here!

About an hour later, another elderly neighbor, for the first time ever, brought over a different- yet also very special treat.  It was a yummy loaf of zucchini bread!  As she presented the bread to us, she expressed her great love for our family.

I personally don't think it was a coincidence that our two, sweet, elderly neighbors would bring over baked goods for the first time ever just an hour apart from each other.

I could be wrong... but I believe it was God's way of letting us know our time here in this neighborhood is over and that it was time well spent developing great friendships and great love.

I'm thankful for the love we received this morning.