Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Our Crossing Guard

I homeschool my kids, but I am enrolling them in the public school for their elective courses like band, theater, robotics, etc.

My mother-in-law decided to become a crossing-guard this year before she knew we were coming to Florida.  She has never done it before, but she decided she wanted to try it out.  She started working at the middle school on Monday at the same school where they'll be attending!  There is an elementary school closer to her house, but "by chance" she'll be right where my children will be.

I was concerned about driving 20 minutes there and back several times a day to pick up the children for their varied elective courses.  Now she'll be giving them a ride for some of the classes because she works there.  The children will have wonderful bonding time with their grandmother, and her presence alone will be a great comfort to them in a new place.

I thank God for arranging this wonderful opportunity before we even knew we would be living here!  HE is amazing!  Is there any question God is working in our lives?  Nope!  Not for me!  HE is there, and I love HIM with all my heart.