Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Top 10 Miracles of Our Move

#1: It was our last night packing before we would move to Florida, and I had just called Abe to tell him we were officially out of food.  We would have to break down and spend the money we were trying to save to buy pizza for the family.

VERY shortly after, Abe received a text message from a friend saying, "We'll be there in a minute with pizza for dinner tonight!"  What?? No way!!  We were so happy!  We all cheered with joy when they showed up.

#2:  We had a broken window.  Abe bought glass to replace the window, but the glass was an 1/8 of an inch too big.  Abe struggled over an hour trying to fix the problem.  I suggested he say a prayer about it.

He said the prayer; and five minutes later, our friends showed up from across town.  The father makes his living doing construction! He fixed the window in no time at all.

#3:  I had been quietly wishing for a Snickers the whole week.  This was our last day of packing, so my need had reached its peak!

My sweet friend showed up with a HUGE bag of Snickers.  It was just what I needed!

#4:  We always go to Walmart before a big trip to buy treats for the kids.  My kids had just asked if we were going to go the store this time.  I explained to them that this time we were saving every penny we could.

A special friend of mine showed up at my house with special treat bags for every member of our family.  Can you believe it??  This woman has 18 children for the summer, yet she followed the Spirit and served our family.

#5:  I still had a gigantic list of things to accomplish.  Even staying up all night, I doubted I would be able to accomplish it all.

These parents with 18 children sat at our table with all these treat bags and then said, "Alright!  We're here to work!"  She sent her kids off to work, and we had an immediate army taking down beds and tables and washing walls.  I was in complete awe!!  She had PLENTY of reason to NOT stay up late and help!!  Her help was a miracle to our household!!  They returned the next day with breakfast for our family as well.

#6:  I wanted everything to be ready because we had LOTS of help coming right at 9am to load up the truck.  Abe went to get the truck which he had reserved, and the company had overbooked it!  We had no truck!!  The only other option was to drive over an hour away to another location and pay an extra $200.00.  I was so frustrated.  We had worked hard to budget everything just right.  We had to have a truck, so Abe went on his way to the other location.  Mid-way, our original rental truck company found another truck for us and gave us a $200.00 discount from the original price because of our troubles.

The stress of not having a moving truck for a few hours saved us $200.00- which was what we needed to in order to rent an additional U-haul trailer because we ran out of space.  That was a blessing in disguise!

#7:  Abe scheduled the additional U-haul and asked all the necessary questions about the hitch.  He went all the way to the rental company and discovered we needed to install special wiring to be able to take the trailer home.  That location would be closed by the time we would return with the special wiring.  We couldn't leave our stuff on the street all weekend- we felt stress rising again.

We finally found another location to get our additional trailer, AND our dear friend from down the street happened to have the right wiring.  He even installed it!

#8:  I was worried about my little babies while we loaded up the moving truck.  They were running underneath heavy boxes and too close to our very busy street while we busily packed the truck.

Another dear friend showed up in the morning with donuts and milk and took my 4 youngest children to her house for the entire day!!  She and her daughters played all day with them; I felt comforted knowing they were in safe hands.

 #9: I had cleaned most of the house, but there were details that my brain (on only 45 minutes sleep) was honestly having a hard time sorting out.

Every time I went to do a chore, this beautiful family had already done it!  Their pregnant daughter washed every window in my house!  They even packed up my cooler of food.  I don't know when they bought ice for it, but they included that in there as well!

#10:  This was the first move we would not be able to buy pizza for all the help.  We had made a giant bag of popcorn; but because of all our truck/trailer problems, this move was turning into a full day's job.  I knew people were getting hungry, and I wondered what to do.

It was enough of a miracle that we even still had so many people helping for the ENTIRE day!  Moments later, two men showed up with food.  One bought pizza, and the other bought tacos.  I couldn't believe they were buying food for OUR movers!!  In addition to the pizza, several loving friends brought fresh fruit, donuts, and cookies!!  Our sweet neighbor sent several bags of goodies to our house.

Last of All

Abe and I have been very humbled and deeply grateful for the numerous people who privately slipped us money to help us with gas and food for our move.  One person tried to disguise it as a wad of money they found in one of our boxes because they knew we wouldn't have taken it otherwise.  Another said they were merely early birthday gifts.

We wanted to solve our own problems without anyone's monetary help, but we soon discovered that God was moving them to serve us because we needed it.  They kept saying they felt the Spirit tell them to do it.  

I'm in tears right now pondering all the many miracles at the loving hands of the saints.  I'm in tears knowing God loves us enough to give us what we need monetarily and spiritually even though we sometimes would rather be independent. 

God is giving me deeply spiritual lessons through this process.  I feel like I am learning a deeper empathy for others.  I will better know how to serve others in a similar situation.  I am seeing into the goodness of people's hearts.  Oh my!!  There are so many good people!  I am learning how to be a better person!

I want to be better, and I thank God for the opportunities to grow!!

Abe has a job and will be starting it on August 27th!  Abe can do anything!!  He will do GREAT!! :-)