Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Stop Panicking! :-)

As a young girl, I vividly remember sitting in the back of the van on the way home from church when my dad realized he had lost his huge ring of keys.  This ring of keys was extremely important to him, and I could hear the stress in his voice.  Once we arrived home, the whole family searched in a panic for the keys.  I remember seeing everybody running past me.  They searched the van, the house, and everywhere else.

I was alone- quietly searching.  I stopped and said a prayer asking God to guide me to my daddy’s keys.  I opened my eyes and felt like I should return to the van to look for the keys.  I knew everybody had already looked there, but I returned to the van anyway.  

I walked straight to the front seat of the van and saw the keys sitting right in the middle of the front passenger seat.  Everybody was shocked because several of them had looked on that very seat.  

Imprinted on my mind was the knowledge that God loved me enough to listen to my prayer even though I was the youngest one in the home.  Maybe it was easier for me to listen because I was the youngest one.  I didn't quite understand the panic of those around me.  Whatever the reason, I learned the one who is not panicking, is the one who can better listen.  Now, as an adult I try to stop and listen.  Sometimes it's hard to push away the panic long enough to let the Holy Ghost speak and guide, but that is the best way to hear such a soft prompting.

I thank God for the experiences of strength HE offers us.