Friday, August 30, 2013

Parking Spot Life Saver

My mother sent me a long text message yesterday morning with the details of this amazing story about her and her 94 year old mother.  I'm so grateful everyone is ok!!  Here are her words:

"Yesterday I had a miracle!  I went to B & P, a discount store.  My mother loves to go with me but couldn't because she wasn't feeling well.  It was rare for me to go without her because this store is one of her favorite places to go twice a month.  I usually drop my mother off at the store while I go get a massage.  Then I return from my massage to do my shopping while she waits on a bench inside of the store.

Once I arrived at the store after my massage, I had a choice of 2 parking spots.  I usually take the one that is the shortest distance between the driver's door and the store's door.  This time I was prompted to just take the first one (a tad farther away).  I no sooner got in and had only placed one item in my basket when what sounded like a bomb went off.  Screams sounded all around.

The car that took the other parking spot went clear into the building!  We couldn't see the car.  The metal had flapped down behind him.  His car sat on the other side of the potato chip isle.  Thank goodness there was only storage there.  The driver was elderly and had pressed hard on the wrong pedal.

Had I taken that parking spot and he had mine, he would have gone right into the middle of the store where there were many people.  It was a miracle that no one was hurt!

Had my mom been with me she would have been in his path sitting on a bench in the store waiting for me.  It was a miracle that she too was not hurt.  I believe God prompted my mother to stay home just in case I took the wrong parking spot. :-) "