Monday, September 2, 2013

Confidence in Christ

Near the beginning of each school year, my husband places his hands on each of the school-age children's heads to give them a father's blessing.  It's a special prayer of promised blessings and guidance given by the power of the priesthood according to the righteousness of those receiving the blessing.  With his priesthood, Abe is God's instrument speaking HIS words.

Last night was our special evening for the children to receive their father's blessing.

First, Mariah sat on a special chair in the middle of the room to receive her blessing.  After her blessing, she stood and gave her daddy a great big hug of gratitude.  Next, Jordan received his father's blessing.  He left his chair with an excited look on his face.  Before Tyson could even stand up to receive his blessing, Jordan rushed over to Tyson and whispered in his ear.  I overheard him say, "It feels really good."

My heart was touched.  We pray all the time.  Today, my 4 older children felt the Spirit as they stood and bore their testimonies to a couple hundred strangers at our new congregation in Florida.  They KNOW what the Spirit feels like, and Jordan wanted to tell Tyson how good THIS experience with the Spirit was going to be.

All the children were grateful for their special blessings and felt more confident in their abilities because they knew Christ was with them.  After the blessings were over, we all started to stand up to walk out of the room.  I looked over, and 3 year old Juliana was sitting on the special chair with her arms folded and head bowed ready to receive her blessing.  She didn't say a word.  She simply showed her readiness for her father's blessing.

Of course!  I don't know why I hadn't included Juliana in the list of who would receive their father's blessings for school.  She had been sitting through the other 4 beautiful blessings.  Although her language skills are far below being able to understand much of what was being told in the blessings, her little soul felt every bit of it... I believe the Spirit moved her to that chair to have the opportunity to receive her needed blessings for her year of learning.

After all the children went to bed, I asked Abe for a blessing as well since I would be homeschooling the children.  I was promised several times in the blessing that I would have the Spirit to accompany me and guide me in my teaching.

Then the shocker... I was also told I was patient!  Chills ran through my body.  Really?  God thinks I'm patient?  I immediately felt what Jordan was speaking of.  Through those priesthood blessings, the adversary's influence was cast aside, and we each had the opportunity to see ourselves through God's eyes for a moment.  As Jordan said, "IT FEELS REALLY GOOD" have confidence in the tools, gifts, and talents God has bestowed upon us to accomplish that which HE has commanded!

Through our current and at times discouraging process of job and house hunting here in Florida, I had forgotten that I am a patient woman.  As I remember my gift of patience, I can access and more fully utilize that gift!!  "IT FEELS REALLY GOOD" to access those God-given gifts.  "IT FEELS REALLY GOOD"to feel capable and confident!  I'll be sure to remind my children of this confidence in God on a daily basis.

My miracle today:  Remembering that all of us have every right to be confident in our abilities to smile, find joy, and do great things because God has given us all the tools necessary to SUCCEED!!  Our confidence is in Christ!!