Tuesday, September 24, 2013

The Birds Are Singing!

My day started off beautifully today.

Mariah burst into the house and announced, "Mommy!  The birds were singing to me!"

I responded, "Wow!  Really?  How did they do that?"

She said, "I heard chirping out the door, and then I went out there and saw three birds.  The other two weren't singing.  The one was singing on the tree.  Then they stopped.  Then I went and started to chirp.  Then all three birds started to sing again."

Birds were singing to my daughter... how could I not go with faith to my doctor's appointment today?

Abe accompanied me to the hospital.  I sat in the waiting room not wanting to speak hardly a word; I just held his strong hand and looked at it remembering all the wonderful ways his hands had comforted me.

The other 2 women waiting with me didn't speak either.  We were there for the diagnostic mammogram.  These are given when there is reason for worry.  Mine included a mammogram under a stronger microscope and also an ultrasound.

I imagine the other women had my same worry:  "What if there is something inside of me trying to take my life at this very moment?"  A woman muttered something about her nerves.  I agreed.  Then they called my name.  I went in for the ultrasound, and we wished God's blessings on each other.

I felt peace as I walked in.  I couldn't believe it... I felt peace.  For just a small moment I questioned how I could have peace.  Then I quickly remembered I had many prayers on my behalf.

The tech finished the ultrasound, and we waited patiently for the results.  She returned after the radiologist had assessed the images and stated with complete assurance:  "There is no cancer."

I was stunned.  I was overjoyed.  I walked out of the room thanking God and making personal promises to live a better life... to stress a little less... to encourage and believe in crazy dreams a little more.

I anxiously texted my mother the good news as I walked out of the hospital.

My mother, my hero, will always feel the pain of losing my sister to cancer.  My mother, my hero, fought her own cancer while she continued to teach special education to many small children.  My mother, my hero, suffered these last several days with me as mothers do.  She felt my pain and worry with me.

Now, upon hearing the great news, my mother texted me back:   "Thank you God!   Thank you Thank you Thank you!"  Another friend sent the very fitting message:  "Hallelujah!"

My boys arrived home from cross-country practice shortly after I arrived home.  They announced that they ran the fastest mile of their lives.  We all high-fived each other.  Then I announced that I didn't have cancer!

Hugs from my children encircled me.

With a sweeping sword action Jackson cried, "Cancer didn't win this battle.  Cancer tried to hold on to you, but your faith hit it off.  The cancer fell onto a Venus fly trap.  It closed; then all the poison killed the cancer!"  I surely appreciated his dramatic interpretation!

I will return for a diagnostic mammogram in 6 months, but all looks well!

The birds are singing!

Thank you God!  Thank you!  Thank you!  Thank you!!  Hallelujah!!