Monday, September 30, 2013

The Experiment

I went to the Women's General Conference session on Saturday.  Our women's organization is called the Relief Society.  The president, her counselors, and also our prophet spoke to women all over the world via satellite and internet broadcasts.

My mother-in-law is the president of the Relief Society in our area of Florida (our stake).  She, with her counselors, provided a nice dinner and activity before the broadcast.  I did the dishes and served the food.  While I placed food on the tables, a sister, whom I don't even attend church with, approached me among the almost 200 women.

She said she was getting ready to start an experiment of reading her scriptures through a special program.  This program of intense scripture study is tailored to bring more inspiration and miracles into our lives.

After explaining the program, she said, "I saw you from across the room and thought you might need some miracles in your life."  I didn't look sad or anything.  I was smiling quite big, so I don't know why she thought of me.  This woman did not know about my "Daily Miracles" blog, and she did not know how badly I am praying for a good job for my husband and a home for our family...  "You bet I could use some inspiration," I thought.

I don't have all the details of her reading program; but I DO know that although I have been reading my scriptures, I could devote MUCH more time and thought into that study time.  I have been kind of marking it off my list each day without losing myself in the messages contained therein like I should.

I opened my scriptures today, and the next chapter in my reading just "happened" to be my very favorite chapter about faith.  It was in Alma 32 of the Book of Mormon.  In Alma 32:27, it says"experiment upon my words."

I absolutely KNOW that it was not a coincidence that this woman spoke to me of all the women about finding miracles through the scriptures.  I also absolutely KNOW that it was not coincidence that the first day I decided to attempt this experiment, I read the very verse that told me in those exact words to experiment upon the Lord's words.

Also, on an even more personal note, I received a special blessing as a 14 year old girl.  It was my patriarchal blessing.  In it, for an entire paragraph, I was urged to read the scriptures with a stronger resolve.  It spoke of the powers of strength, knowledge, joy, and peace that I would receive if I read the scriptures in the way they were intended.  I believe that to be true, and I believe that promise of strength, knowledge, joy, and peace applies to ALL of God's children who choose to read HIS word with more depth.

I don't know if this experiment will give us a job and a home in the time that I want it (because I really want it right now:-)), but I DO KNOW that miracles come and angels speak to our hearts when we devote more quality time to opening our hearts and minds to the Holy Ghost and "feast upon the words of Christ" (2 Nephi 32:3).

I am beginning this journey today to more fully experiment upon the words of Christ on a deeper level.  Before my other entries, I will report my progress on here each day.

I believe in the scriptures.  I believe there are angels helping us daily.  I believe in prayer.  I believe in the Holy Ghost.  I believe in my perfect Heavenly Father.  I believe in my Savior, Jesus Christ, who has offered us a way to be saved.  I believe in miracles. I believe in YOU and that YOU CAN and DO find miracles in your life.