Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Love Bug

There is a bug here in Florida that I had never seen before.  It's called the LOVE BUG!

Every August and September, they come here in large numbers.  They mate while they are in the air and stay connected!  The females fly and walk forward while the connected male is pulled in a backwards motion.

They don't bite or sting anyone- they just invade your space!!  Several of them crawl all over your arms, legs, hands, and hair at the same time.

Most people speak frustration of their presence.  I was warned by many that the Love Bugs would be coming.

When they did come, I heard many adults and children complain about the bothersome bug.  Jordan, my 7- year old, claimed he couldn't even do his math because of them!

Mariah's squeal of excitement overpowered their complaints.  As the bugs crawled all over her, she exclaimed, "They LOVE ME!!"

At first I giggled at her response because the Love Bugs "love" everyone.  They BOMBARD us with that "love."  We literally have to shake them off of us just to have them return again two seconds later.

Little 5-year old Mariah saw it differently.  She actually felt ADORED by them.  She truly felt SPECIAL for being their landing zone.  What perspective!  

She does this all the time.  Not only does she see the positive side of most situations, but she also assumes that she is loved by everyone. 

How would life look to us if we assumed that we were loved by everyone?  Well, Mariah's outlook is that she also loves everyone else... no skepticism.... just love.  She "mothers" her brothers and sisters and gives grand hugs and smiles to other little children and adults of all ages needing a friend.  Her assumption of others' good intentions towards her is her catalyst for being a human love bug to all of us.  

I know that there are SOME who do not have good intentions.  I pray that as she grows older, the Spirit will continue to guide her love, and I pray that life's hurts won't weigh down her confident, loving nature.  God would have us all love so generously.  Isn't HIS love unending and generous?  I will try to see those around me with the eyes of my Love Bug Mariah.