Friday, September 20, 2013

The Lord's House

I had never been to or even seen the Orlando temple before.  As we approached the temple last night, I was surprised to see it towering above everything else.  What a beautiful sight!  The location, grounds, entryway, and Celestial room took my breath away.

While I was on my mission in Bolivia, I taught a man who worked on the Cochabamba, Bolivia Temple.  He was an engineer and had worked on several projects around the country.  He was not yet a member but was surprised at the superior materials used on the temple that nobody would ever see deep within the walls.  He had never worked on a project where so much perfection was expected.  He was so moved by the level of excellence expected by every last detail of that building that he knew the temple he was working on had to be the Lord's house.  He requested to pay his tithing to the church even before he was baptized because he knew it was the true church! 

I was blessed to teach this man and his family the gospel and watch him enter the waters of baptism.  

It is a strength to me to know that his testimony stemmed from working on the Lord's house.  

My experience in the temple yesterday was beautiful and spiritually uplifting in every way.  I too know the temple is the Lord's house.  It is in the temple where I have received the ordinances possible to be connected and sealed to my family for now and throughout the eternities.