Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Testimony of Love

My 3 older boys went on a run with me late last night.  All four of us burst into the house sweaty, exhausted, and still out of breath when sweet little 5 year old Mariah rushed to my side and handed me her notebook.

Mariah had been writing in her journal.  I did not ask her to do this.  She just felt deep emotions in her heart and wanted to put them in writing.  


"Jesus love us
I love my mommy and my daddy
I also love my sister and brothers
I love God
He loves me I also love the temple
and the creations that Jesus made
and when he died for us
Jesus Love us"

Mariah Mills

My daughter's testimony of Christ's love and sacrifice for us touches me deeply.  When pure testimony is expressed, you can't help but feel the truthfulness of those words reach deep within your soul.

My miracle today is the strengthening of my own testimony that has filled my heart.  Sometimes I try to overanalyze why certain things are happening.  Mariah's words remind me to return to the simplicity of Christ's message of love.  I can fully trust HIS love for me and desire for me to triumph over EVERY trial.