Friday, September 13, 2013

Jordan Knew to Let Go

Yesterday I sat down to read some Bible stories to my little 3-year old daughter, Juliana.  When we came to the story in Genesis about Lot's wife being turned into salt for looking back at the city of Sodom, my 7-year old son, Jordan, immediately stopped his other work and joined in on the conversation. 

He exclaimed, "What?  Salt? Why did that happen?"

I explained further.  I told him that she looked back at the city which held her past life.  They were commanded to not look back- to just let go and move forward.

Jordan nodded with comprehension and stated frankly, "I let go of my sins last night." 

Surprised, I said, "You did?"

He answered with complete sincerity, "Yes!  I said a prayer last night, repented, and asked God to forgive me for all my sins." I couldn't believe that he even associated my words of "letting go" to the process of repentance.

Jordan is a very intelligent but very rambunctious little 7-year old.  He is constantly joking around and jumping on everybody- even during scripture study.

We spend hours and hours teaching our children gospel principles.  I'm so glad to know it was worth it!  I had no idea Jordan was having these serious talks with his Heavenly Father in the quiet hours of the night. 

It is one of the greatest miracles to me to have had the reassurance that the truths we teach as a family of the gospel of Jesus Christ really are absorbing into our children's young minds in a healthy, uplifting manner.

I thank God with all my heart that Jordan knows he can have very personal, private conversations with God through the power of prayer. 

Jordan turns eight next month and will have the opportunity to be baptized.  His knowledge and faith in the power of prayer will be a strength to him as he enters the waters of baptism and will be a guide to him throughout his entire life.