Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Spanish, Scriptures, & SUCCESS!

After trying for weeks to work Spanish into our curriculum, I planned on making Wednesdays my Spanish day with the children.  We had just been to a wonderful birthday party the night before with several Bolivian friends.  We were determined to start this day right learning Spanish, so the children could better communicate with their friends!

We started our morning devotional with a hymn and prayer in Spanish.  Right after the prayer, Jackson announced that his notebook was lost.  I tried to instruct him in Spanish on the importance of putting things in their correct location and preparing his things the night before.  Jackson stared at me blankly, and I broke into English.  Now our scripture study and Spanish study were missed as we all looked for Jackson's notebook.

I felt discouraged with the way our day was beginning.  I even assumed that the rest of the day would continue likewise.

I sent Jackson and Tyson on their way to school for their elective courses and tried to start the younger ones on their school work.

In a moment of dramatic expression, I told my husband that I wasn't doing anything right!  After my pity-party, I decided to read my scriptures which were opened wide on my lap... just waiting to speak to me.

I read a beautiful scripture from The Book of Mormon in Alma 26:27:

"Now when our hearts were depressed, and we were about to turn back, behold, the Lord comforted us, and said....bear with patience thine afflictions, and I will give unto you success."

I wanted success!

Because I homeschool my children, I assign them the work which needs to be accomplished, and I let them govern their own time.  Jordan, my 7 year old, was supposed to be reading for an hour or practicing his instruments.

Since I still had the assumption that all would go wrong for the day, I immediately felt frustrated and assumed Jordan was playing around when I saw him sitting in front of the computer.

With a heavy sigh, I asked, "Jordan, what are you doing?"  He sweetly answered, "I'm reading Daily Miracles for an hour."

I froze... yes, that is EXACTLY what I would want him to do.  After all... I do write these stories for my posterity.  This was a great blessing to see him thoroughly enjoying the stories and miracles of God's hand in our lives.  This was definitely a success!!  How could I have assumed otherwise?

(By the way, the red notebook in the picture is the one that Jackson was searching for frantically.  All will be well, and he will have it for tomorrow's classes.)

 Every day has the potential to be fantastic and full of success- no matter what silly things try to discourage us.

Just because the first hour of the day started out crummy, does not mean that the remaining hours until I sleep have to go wrong.  Just because one child made a mistake, does not mean that I have to assume the worst from that child's following actions or anyone else's actions either.

I am going to assume and expect the very best from everyone around me today... even if another notebook is lost at an inopportune time.  God wants success for each of us!!