Monday, August 19, 2013


The day before we left Michigan for our big move, I looked around my house feeling overwhelmed wondering how we would finish it all.  We still had so much to do.  For my morning scripture study, everything I read had the same message:  "Christ will strengthen you."

I knew I would need to be strengthened, but I had no idea the magnitude of the strength that would come.  My heart is bursting with desire to put it all in writing- but we'll have to wait until we arrive in Florida.

We had a truck fiasco, so we had to leave a day later.  I only slept 45 minutes Friday night.  There were times I questioned if we were even supposed to go!  I pushed those thoughts away; and as promised, God strengthened all of us involved beyond our physical and emotional capabilities.  

We are currently in Knoxville, Tennessee with our fellow "Jericho Road" friend Bret Bryce, and we're moving forward to our new home:  Florida!

 I look forward to writing again tomorrow once we arrive!

As we travel, I can't stop thanking my Heavenly Father for the strength HE has delivered to our family.