Friday, August 23, 2013

My Birthday Miracle

After 4 children and several miscarriages, my mother was done having children, but my 9 year old sister Christy kept begging her for more.

Christy had read a story in a children's church magazine entitled "The Friend" about a little girl who went on a drive with her mother.  While they were driving, they pulled over in the car to pray for a baby.  The mother soon had a beautiful baby girl, and they knew it was because of the prayer.

Christy wanted to do the same.  My mother obliged.  She and Christy went on a short little drive just so they could pull over and pray the way the mother and daughter had done in the story from the magazine.  In her special prayer, Christy prayed for a baby sister to come... not just a baby... she specifically prayed for a sister.

My mother tried to explain to her that God would give them who was supposed to come to their family,  and that they should just pray for a healthy baby.  Christy made sure everyone in the family remembered to pray for the baby.

Soon after, my mother became pregnant with me!!  It was a high-risk pregnancy, and she gave birth by C-section.  My birthday?  August 23rd... just 8 days before Christy's birthday.

My dear sister Christy passed away a year and a half later from Burkitt's Lymphoma.  Knowing my sister prayed me here has been a great spiritual strength to me throughout my life.

Next week I plan on writing more of my beautiful angel's story.  Her life is one of near perfection.