Friday, August 9, 2013

Like a Puzzle!!

It's been an extremely busy past few weeks.  We're packing for a big move, and Abe is applying for jobs all over the country.

Yesterday, we had plans to wash a big school bus and continue packing up our house- with 6 kids running around and trying to help.  First, before we would do any of that, Abe had several job applications to fill out.  I watched him taking deep breaths as he attempted to attack all the forms he needed to fill out.

Hoping not to offend, I said, "Did you by chance read your scriptures before you started on that?"

Abe said, "No, do you think I should?"

I laughed and said, "Of course I think you should!!  That's what I just wrote about on my blog!!"  Then, referring to my blog, I said, "Unless, of course, you want to 'swim in jeans' all day."

He left the computer to read his scriptures.  What a humble man... truly.  I know, a lot of men wouldn't have listened to a suggestion like that.  He did, and I was grateful.

Over the last few weeks, Abe and I have said several individual and family prayers trying to find direction about our upcoming move.

Something different happened yesterday.  As we BOTH started our day out with scripture study and prayer, our thoughts became more united.  Abe and I had been communicating our ideas to each other, but now his ideas seemed to be more clarified in my mind and my ideas seemed to fit in better to his plans.

Once we were both on the same page, God made our ideas fit like a puzzle!  We had the pieces to the puzzle all along, but now we were starting to turn those pieces in the right direction.  Doesn't it feel good when you've been attempting to find where a puzzle piece belongs and then it finally slips right in to the correct spot?  That is how I felt yesterday!!!  Things were sliding together!

Not only did we discuss our future like a great puzzle coming together, we also washed the big school bus like puzzle work.

We each took our jobs and went at it until that giant bus was sparkling clean. Beyond that, we even had time to pack.  Abe even had time to jump on the trampoline with the children for the first time the whole summer.  Then, he read books to them with such enthusiasm that I had to leave the kitchen to come listen to his stories.

Abe usually goes to sleep while I'm still awake plugging away on projects.  Not last night... I couldn't even keep up with him!  I heard him stretching tape on boxes for hours after I fell asleep.

My friend called me yesterday:  She too was wondering about whether her family should take a job that would move them across country.  She said, "My friend told me to read my scriptures and pray, but it doesn't say anywhere in the scriptures about where I should move!"  We laughed together, and of course I bore my testimony of how the scripture study and prayer clarifies our thoughts.

If you read my blog yesterday, you know I believe in the power of starting the day off right... with scripture study and prayer!!  I'm grateful God showed us HIS power in uniting minds because of a united scripture study.  I also believe the more I read, the more God expects me to read with a little more depth.  That's my goal:  to read with more depth each day!