Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Now Sister, Hold It Together...

On Friday, I returned home feeling drained after some busy errands.  I parked our van in the driveway, and my older children ran into the house.  My youngest two were sound asleep in the van, so I sat still for a moment.

I had been feeling a lot of worry over a failed business deal which hurt us terribly.  The van felt so private, peaceful, and quiet.  My thoughts turned to prayer.  The longer I prayed, my ability to reach into the depths of my soul strengthened.  I expressed my frustrations with the unfairness of our situation and my desires to do what was right, and I expressed my sincere love for my Savior.

I had been praying for a couple of weeks about this issue with full purpose of heart, but this prayer felt very different... even deeper than before.  This prayer came with a plea- withholding nothing.  It was a plea for direction.  My heart felt so relieved to speak openly and freely to my Heavenly Father with no interruptions.  I finished my prayer and continued to ponder the thoughts that came through my mind.

Soon after, the babies awoke, and I returned to the house to continue in my duties.  I received a phone call shortly after from the Relief Society president.  (A Relief Society president is a woman called of God from within the congregation to watch over and lead the women of the church in her area for a period of time.)  I have served as Relief Society president, and I know the love for the sisters that accompanies this position of service.

My president called to ask if she could let the sisters in the congregation know of our struggles so they could have a mighty prayer on our behalf.  In my mind I thought, "Absolutely not!  I don't want people feeling sorry for us and serving us.  It's embarrassing."  Before I could speak my thoughts, I remembered my own mighty prayer... I had asked for help.

God wanted to bless us, but I needed to be humble to accept the way His help would come:  through the power of the mighty prayers of the sisters of the church.  I agreed and told her she could share what she felt necessary as she followed the Spirit's promptings.

Last Sunday, we couldn't attend our congregation.  We had to attend the congregation that gathered in the morning instead, so I had no idea what was said to the Relief Society sisters.

That evening, a sister showed up with a meal telling me how strong the Spirit was as they shared how to focus their prayers like a magnifying glass on our family's particular needs.  She said they spoke of the service we had provided to so many others.  I started to feel embarrassed, but this dear sister continued.  She said what an honor it was for her to offer the closing prayer... the first of many mighty prayers which would be offered on our behalf.  She told me she knew our answers would come this week.

What faith!

The next day (last night) another sister showed up at our doorstep with dinner.  I said, "Oh you can see we're moving now."  She said she already knew!  These sisters knew we would probably be leaving Michigan, but they still nurtured that sisterhood with a wonderful dinner and lots of love.

Then, this morning, I received a phone call from a kind, humble brother.  He said, "Rachel...  I heard some heavy news from my wife.  She told me you kids are facing some trouble. We would like to bring some things over to you."  I guess he could hear my struggle to breathe through the tears.  He continued, "Now sister,  hold it together.  We're Latter Day Saints.  That's what we do... we serve each other."  Those words couldn't have been delivered with more love than the way he spoke them.

My pride is crumbling... and it actually feels good because I'm in the arms of my Savior.  I didn't want to write about this so publicly, but God is giving our family tremendous miracles this week.  Along with the dinners, we have received several phone calls, text messages, emails, and Facebook messages informing us of other job opportunities and encouraging us with love.

I thank God for placing us in a position to be the recipients of such mighty prayer.  Our hearts are lifted and our faith is strengthened that direction is coming soon and that God has had HIS hand in this entire process.