Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Sister Power

After family prayer last night, Abe and I kissed the children and sent them to bed.  I went into each of their rooms to give them one final tuck.  As I entered the girls' room, I saw them kneeling in the middle of the room facing each other.  It was a precious moment to witness.

Mariah is 5 years old, and Juliana is 2 years old.  Mariah was teaching Juliana the words she needed to say for her personal prayers.  I said, "Mariah you are the best big sister in the world!  Thank you so much for teaching Juliana such wonderful things."

Mariah looked up with a smile that seemed like it would stay there forever.  She said, "This thought just came into my head to do it!"  Then she paused for a moment and continued, "...and Jesus is the one who put that thought there."

What an example to me!

Her sequence of obedience was absolutely perfect!

Jesus put a thought into Mariah's mind of a service that HE wanted done...

*She listened.
*She acted without hesitation upon hearing the direction.
*She acknowledged from whom that direction came.

I am a very busy person... most of us are!  However, the times when I actually do listen and act immediately, prayers are answered and miracles take place.  When we pause our busy bodies to listen, act, and acknowledge, God will make up the time we think is lost because we have allowed ourselves to become HIS hands.

It takes a lot of trust to believe that everything will turn out alright as we give more of our will to HIM...

Most service opportunities come to us without warning.  That is the greatest test- to be ready when we are called!

Jesus wanted Juliana to begin learning how to say her personal prayers.  Mariah was truly acting as one with Jesus... thus becoming a perfect instrument of obedience and service as she taught her sister.