Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Miracle of Healing in God's Time

Yesterday, our family planned on going on a memorial run for those affected by the terrorist attacks at the Boston Marathon.  We have been praying for those involved.

As we were getting ready to leave for the event, baby Jayden started crying in periodic shrieks as if sharp pain kept stabbing him.  Every time we touched his left hand or arm, he screamed harder.  I placed a cracker right in front of his left hand, but he awkwardly reached with his right hand to get the cracker.  I tried chocolate chips.... he barely pinched the chocolate chip between his two fingers; but before he could bring it to his mouth, the chocolate chip just dropped to the ground!

I was so worried for him.  I thought that possibly his arm was just asleep from his nap.  He had been awake for about 20 minutes, but I massaged his arm anyway just in case.  That didn't help; I couldn't figure it out.  He hadn't fallen anywhere.  Nobody grabbed his arm... nothing.  The kids and I examined his arm.  Nothing seemed to be out of the socket.  We noticed a little turquoise bruised looking spot on his forearm.  We thought maybe that was it???

I began calling the nearby urgent cares hoping it wasn't broken.  My husband recently switched jobs, and our new insurance wouldn't kick in until May 1st.  Now we were going to have an urgent care visit with no insurance!  We didn't have a choice; he was obviously hurt.

I knelt down and hugged Jayden tight in my arms as I prayed with great earnest for him to be better.  He continued to show signs of pain.  His left arm was completely limp.  I called Abe and told him that we needed to go to the urgent care, but I wanted him to look at Jayden first before we left.  Everybody was ready to go.  As we waited for Abe, Jayden still didn't show any signs of improvement.

Abe arrived...

I placed Jayden in his arms...

and Jayden lifted BOTH of his own arms and wrapped them around Abe's neck giving him the biggest hug!!

What??  I gave him a cracker, and he grabbed it with his previously limp arm and started to eat it.  I took his shirt off to show Abe the little bruise where we thought the source of the pain might have been... the turquoise spot was gone.  Jayden even started to do his happy baby jabber!

The children had witnessed baby Jayden's pain, and they had witnessed the little spot too.  They couldn't believe the change in him either.  Abe only saw a healthy, happy baby Jayden.  The children kept telling him how much he was hurting just moments before.

God answered my prayer and my plea for Jayden's health.  The interesting thing is that Jayden's arm was healed in an instant, but it wasn't the instant I prayed for him... Jayden was healed in the exact moment before we were about to leave to take him to the urgent care.

Over the years, I have noticed that sometimes God waits until the last moment to show us the miracle.  I don't pretend to fully understand all of God's ways because HIS ways are so great and much mightier than my frail understanding.  However, I believe that HE sometimes waits to show us the miracle so that our faith is stretched and strengthened in HIM.

So many thoughts ran through my mind:  "Maybe we weren't supposed to go to the event... maybe God was trying to keep us home for some other reason... maybe HE just wanted to teach us again the power of prayer.... maybe there was something better for our family to do that evening...."

Since we were too late for the memorial run, we decided to go on a 6 mile family bike ride.  I had been waiting all winter to use my new bike trailer, but that wasn't part of God's plans for us either.  After only a mile and a half into the ride, the chain on my bike literally broke in two pieces, and Tyson's bike got a flat tire!  Who knows why all of that happened too.

There is only one thing I am absolutely certain of... my prayers were answered and Jayden was healed in a miraculous way.  I feel truly blessed for such a sweet miracle.  I will never forget the way I felt as I watched Jayden raise both of his arms in sheer joy around his daddy after having felt so much obvious pain just a moment before.

HE is God of miracles.